Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Prayer Surge for President Bush

Daily Intercession for President Bush
(During this current Middle East tour & beyond)

1 Timothy 2:1-8

1. First of all… Pray that President Bush would have a deeper and more intimate relationship with our Lord, and he that would excel in Christ’s School of Prayer.

2. Pray for his protection and safety as al Qaeda has made death treats against him.

3. Ask for godly wisdom and insight as he meets with the leaders of Middle East & his role as Christ’s ambassador to the nations. (Please refer to the details of his Jan. 9-16 Middle East tour schedule below.)

4. Pray for a White House policy that would promote lasting peace and security for the Middle East and Central Asia, including Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

5. Ask for the Spirit’s leading as the President of the United States & the Commander In Chief of our military during his final and most important year in office.

For more information on praying for President Bush, please visit our links at We also recommend Intercessors for America ( as an excellent resource for national and global prayer needs.

Please consider join us for PSN Joint Prayer Meeting Across America this Saturday morning (1/12/08, 8AM EST/5AM PST) for a time of corporate intercession for President Bush. For the details of this important conference call prayer meeting, contact

(Information below provided by Intercessors for America:

Intercede for spiritual statesmen and for adherence to biblical revelation and principles in the formulation and execution of foreign policy, especially toward Israel and Jerusalem. Intercede for the revelation of Jesus as Messiah in the Middle East and for "THE PEACE IN JERUSALEM"
Psalm 122

Intercede for our national leaders - that every decision, action or plan to pressure Israel to give up land or evacuate its people from any territory would be frustrated and abandoned. May God raise up leaders in the United States and Israel who would support His end-time purposes for the people of Israel.


January 9 - President Bush arrives in Tel Aviv in the afternoon. The President changed the itinerary of his trip late this week in order to fit in a visit to Capernaum, the Christian holy site.

January 9, 10 - On Wednesday and Thursday, while in Israel and the West Bank, (Judea and Samaria) the President will have meetings with Israeli President Peres and Prime Minister Olmert, and separately with Palestinian President Abbas and Prime Minister Fayyad.

January 11 - On Friday, the President will meet with Quartet representative Tony Blair to get an update on efforts to help build the institutions of a Palestinian state and enhance the Palestinian capacity to self-govern. The President will also lay a wreath at the Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem before traveling to Kuwait, where he will meet with Amir Sabah.

January 12 - On Saturday, President Bush will visit with U.S. troops at Camp Arifjan (Kuwait). He will meet with Ambassador Crocker and General Petraeus to get an update on the current situation in Iraq. Also, the President will have a roundtable on democracy and development with Kuwaiti women. The President will then travel to Bahrain, where he will meet with King Hamad.

January 13 - On Sunday, President Bush will visit the U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet before traveling to the United Arab Emirates, where he will meet with President Khalifa. Following this meeting, President Bush will deliver a speech in Abu Dhabi. In that speech, he will talk about the progress we have seen in the Gulf, the progress of the freedom agenda in the region, emerging economic progress, and how regional security is important for both continued economic growth and for the spread of freedom.

January 14 - On Monday, President Bush will travel to Dubai, where he will be greeted by the ruler of Dubai. President Bush will then travel to Saudi Arabia, where he will meet with King Abdullah.

January 15 - On Tuesday, President Bush will be in Riyadh for meetings.

January 16 - On Wednesday, President Bush will travel to Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, where he will meet with President Mubarak. The President will depart Sharm el-Sheikh on Wednesday January 16 in the afternoon en route to Andrews Air Force Base.

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