Saturday, May 24, 2008

Let Us Prayer Surge This Weekend

Since 1775, hundreds of thousands of Members of United States Military have literally given their lives to protect our God given liberty, and we are truly thankful for their great sacrifice. However, in 2008 America is on the verge losing her destiny of preserving liberty here and extending the Gospel abroad, for many in the church have forgotten the One on the Cross and His reign over the universe.

On this Memorial Day Weekend & beyond, would you join with fellow intercessors across America and around the world in prayer and repentance? Together, we must enter the Throne of Grace with humble hearts and confidence only in our Lord Jesus as our nation is in desperate need of God's mercy and grace like never before.

Would you join us tomorrow, Saturday, May 24th, 7:30-9:00am Eastern (4:30-6:00am Pacific) for a special extended Memorial Day Weekend Joint Prayer Meeting Across America?

You are invited to call Prayer Surge Now Conf. Call Number & Access Code:
Please ontact for the call number.

A Revised Schedule for 5/24

7:30am Eastern (4:30am Pacific)

Open Prayer for Our Military, President Bush
& the Nations of the Middle East

8:00am Eastern (5:00am Pacific)

PSN Interview with
Clayton Trotter, Justice Foundation/Operation Outcry
and the father of John Trotter,
US Army (killed in Iraq),
who is fighting for women and their babies
Prayer led by
Lt Col Glenn Wright, U.S. Air Force, Baghdad

8:20am Eastern (5:20am Pacific)

Operation Prayer Surge Prayer Points with
with Tom Smith, Nashiville, TN and LTC Al McCarn, US Army, Pentagon
Revival Teaching with Dick Simmons, Men for Nations, DC

8:40am Eastern (5:40am Pacific)

Urgent Prayer for
California & 2008 Presidential Election
Restoration of Life & Marriage in America

9:00am Eastern (6:00am Pacific)

Closing Prayer

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