Tuesday, June 5, 2012

PSN 6/9 with Gary Bergel, Tom Victor, Rickie Bradshaw, Coral Rose Shipley, Jeff Jimerson, Peter Carlson, Virginia Chapman


Tony Wright's fund raiser for LIFE extended to June 12. Please donate here.

Prayer Surge NOW! 6/9 this Saturday Morning
40th Anniversary Month of Explo 72: The Great Jesus Rally in Dallas
7:30-11am EDT & 4:30-8am PDT, using 712-432-0075 & code 6149782#
National Conference Call Prayer Meeting with Invited Guests:
Gary Bergel, Tom Victor, Rickie Bradshaw, Virginia Chapman
Coral Rose Shipley, Jeff Jimerson, Peter Carlson
Details below & posted on www.prayersurgenow.net
Other 2012 ONE Accord Prayer Opportunities
National Highway of Prayer 6/12
Conf Call for National Reconciliation & Global Transformation
with Dr. Luis Bush, Dr. Raleigh Washington & Company
Tuesday, June 12, 8-10pm EDT & 5-7pm PDT
Connect using 712-432-0075 & code 6149782#
California AWAKE! Gatherings 6/16, www,CA4Jesus.net
The Call AVIVA Labor Day Weekend, www.avivamovement.com

Invitation to Weekly Saturday Morning
Prayer Surge NOW! 6/9
June 12-17 is the 40th Anniversary of Explo 72
Joint National Conference Calling
Prayer Meeting Across America
“Partnering with CHRIST for REVIVAL
in the Middle East
AND America”
Saturday Morning, 6.9.12
7:30-11am Eastern, 6:30-10am Central,
5:30-9am Mountain, 4:30-8am Pacific,
3:30-7am Alaska, 1:30-5am Hawaii

Conference Call Number & Code
712-432-0075 & 6149782#


4:30-6:00 am Pacific & 7:30-9:00 am Eastern
Operation Prayer Surge Prayer Points
for Israel, the Middle East, Our Military

Hosted by
Tom Smith, TN
LTC Al McCarn US Army, VA

For current insights for prayer, please click:
Special Prayer Surge for Pakistan & Muslims

6:00-8:00 am Pacific & 9:00-11:00 am Eastern
Remembering the Jesus Movement
40 Years Since Explo 72, June 12-27, 1972
The Current Global Awakening & Challenges
Gary Bergel, WV
Director, Bergel Art/Media
President Emeritus, Intercessors for America
Spiritual Formation, Evangelical Environmental Network
Tom Victor, TX
Facilitator, 4/14 Window North America
John 17 in Jakarta, Indonesia
Houston, We Have BIG Problems!
And Jesus is Our Solution!
The Destiny of Houston & America
Interceding for "Juneteenth"
Rickie Bradshaw, TX
Networking the Church of Houston for Revival
The LIFE of Jesus in Oregon &
Praise Report from Washington State!
Interceding for a Miracle towards
Oregon 2012 Initiative #25
Virginia Chapman, WA
Coral Rose Shipley, OR
Jeff Jimerson, OR
Peter Carlson, OR
Together to End Public Funding of Oregon
(Please read the latest prayer points for "Initiative #25")

Just 28 days remain to place
Oregon 2012 Initiative #25 on the November ballot 

Some who argue for abortion rights will tell you, "Abortion should be a private decision. Abortion is a private choice." But if that's true, why are we funding 1/3 of all abortions in Oregon with public money? The fact is, about 3,500 unborn lives are being destroyed every year — at $1.5 million in taxpayer expense — through the Oregon Health Plan.

Now, for the good news: We have an amazing opportunity in 2012 to give Oregonians FREEDOM from funding abortion-on-demand with our state tax dollars. But time is very short. Just 28 days remain to gather the 150,000 signatures needed to place this issue on the November ballot. 

Sign the petition here: http://oregon2012.org/sign/
Join the prayer team here: http://oregon2012.org/pray/
Get your church involved here: http://oregon2012.org/sunday

This grass roots, all-volunteer effort needs your support and involvement immediately. We need help getting the word out, too! Sign the petition and get involved now at www.Oregon2012.org.

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