Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PSN 12/1 with Allan Parker (40 Years Since Roe v Wade Decision) & Stephen McDowell (The Author of "Abraham Lincoln's Faith")

Inviting the Body of Christ to Prayer Surge NOW! 12/1:
Intercession for Israel, Middle East, US Military
: 40 Years Since Roe v Wade Decision
Abraham Lincoln's Faith (Part 1)  

Allan Parker, Stephen McDowell, Tom Smith, John Moore
Please read details below or visit www.prayersurgenow.net

Prayer Surge NOW! is in Partnership with
Weekend of Prayer to End Slavery & Trafficking
January 11-13, 2013 

 Cry4Life, A Global Call for LIFE & REVIVAL
40 Years Since Roe v Wade, January 25, 2013

Invitation to Our Weekly Saturday Morning
Prayer Surge NOW! 12/1
Joint National Conference Calling
Prayer Meeting Across America
“Partnering with CHRIST for REVIVAL
in the Middle East
AND America”
Saturday Morning, 12.1.12
7:30-11am Eastern, 6:30-10am Central,
5:30-9am Mountain, 4:30-8am Pacific,
3:30-7am Alaska, 2:30-6am Hawaii

Conference Call Number & Code
712-432-0075 & 6149782#


4:30-6:00am Pacific & 7:30-9:00am Eastern

Praying Isaiah 64:1-4
For Israel and America at Such a Time as THIS!
Facilitated by
John Moore, TX
The Author of 10 Days Israel Prayer Guide
Operation Prayer Surge Prayer Points
for Israel, the Middle East, United States Military
Facilitated by
Tom Smith, TN
Lt.Col. (Ret.) Al McCarn, TX
  For current insights for prayer, please click:
6:00-8:00am Pacific & 9:00-11:00am Eastern

Cry4Life in America
As We Approach 40 Years Since Roe v Wade Decision
by the United States Supreme Court on January 22, 1973
Our Monthly Guest Speaker
Allan Parker, TX
Founder/President of The Justice Foundation
& Modern Day "Circuit Rider"
Facilitated by
Dai Sup Han, CA
Abraham Lincoln's Faith (Part 1)
A Man of Conviction, Honor, Prayer
With Special Guest
Stephen McDowell
President of Providence Foundation
and Author of Books, including
"Abraham Lincoln's Faith" (read below)

Abraham Lincoln's Faith (Book)

Now only $5  Read below & order here

Abraham Lincoln's Faith
Was Abraham Lincoln a Christian? Did he believe the Bible was the inspired word of God?

William Herdon, Lincoln's law partner for about 18 years, said of him: "As to Mr. Lincoln's religious views, he was, in short, an infidel....Mr. Lincoln told me a thousand time that he did not believe the Bible was the revelation of God as the Christian world contends." One biographer records of Lincoln that "when he went to church, he went to mock and came away a mimic."

Yet, Rev. James Smith, the pastor of the church in Springfield where Lincoln attended for over 10 years, gives a much different picture. He writes: "It is a very easy matter to prove that while I was pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Springfield, Mr. Lincoln did avow his belief in the divine authority and inspiration of the Scriptures." His pastor while he was President, Dr. Gurley wrote: "I considered him sound not only on the truth of the Christian religion but on all its fundamental doctrines and teaching."

Which of these views is right? Why the contrary views? These questions and more are answered in Abraham Lincoln's Faith.

Author: Stephen McDowell
Providential Perspective Series - 12
32 pages, paperback, PP12

Order here

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