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Special Valentine's Day & 2/15 Conf Call; PSN 2/16 with Gospel Fellowships Movement Network

Together Reaching the Young Generation in Our Cities/Regions with
Please visit www.thefatherheart.com, and
Participate in Valentine's Day 2/14 & 2/15 conf calls
This Thursday, February 14
8-8:30am PST/11-11:30am EST or Noon-12:30am PST/3-3:30pm EST
Or this Friday, February 15
Noon-12:30am PST/3-3:30am EST
Using 712-432-0075 & code 6149782#

Would you participate in  
Transform World Prayer Summit: Vision 2020, March 24-27?
Please respond to the invitation from Luis Bush (Transform World) 
and Mike Bickle (IHOP KC), and consider 
hosting one of 100,000 prayer gatherings:
www.transform-world.net, www.ihopkc.org/tw
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Inviting the Body of Christ to Prayer Surge NOW! 2/16
UNITED Intercession for Israel, Middle East, US Military,
and Introducing Gospel Fellowships Movement

With Guest Speakers

Greg Gordon, Dr. E.A. Johnston, Mark McCourt, Frank McEleny
Please read details below or visit www.prayersurgenow.net

Invitation to Our Weekly Saturday Morning
Prayer Surge NOW! 2/16
Joint National Conference Calling
Prayer Meeting Across America
“Partnering with CHRIST for REVIVAL
in the Middle East
AND America”
Saturday Morning, 2.16.13
7:30-11am Eastern, 6:30-10am Central,
5:30-9am Mountain, 4:30-8am Pacific,
3:30-7am Alaska, 2:30-6am Hawaii
Conference Call Number, Access Code
712-432-0075 and 6149782#
2.16.13 AGENDA
4:30-6:00am Pacific and 7:30-9:00am Eastern

Praying Philippians 3:7-14
Intercession for the Sake of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus


Operation Prayer Surge Prayer Points
for Israel, the Middle East, United States Military
Facilitated by
Tom Smith, TN
Lt.Col. (Ret.) Al McCarn, TX
www.menfornations.org, www.prayersurgenow.net,
For current insights for prayer, please click:

6:00-7:30am Pacific and 9:00-10:30am Eastern
  Introducing Gospel Fellowships Movement
"Gathering as Believers Under the Headship of Jesus Christ"
With Guest Speakers
Greg Gordon
Dr. E.A. Johnston
Mark McCourt
Frank McEleny
Would you connect with us join for a powerful time to hear the Father's Heart
for unity in the Body of Christ in North America, coming persecution, and
the need for house churches and small gatherings of believers?
Please read details at the bottom of this email and consider 
inviting others to this important 90 minute heart-to-heart connection

7:30-8:00am Pacific and 10:30-11:00am Eastern

Weekly Update and Prayer for

Gathering Millennials of Our Cities/Regions for Father's Day Eve 
Gatherings Throughout America and Canada for Such a Time as This!

Next 2 weeks:
Prayer Surge NOW! 2/23
Pastor Victor Khokhlan
New England Intercessors
Prayer Surge NOW! 3/2
Allan Parker
For Children/Youth/Schools

Prayer Surge NOW! is in Partnership with

Transform World Prayer Summit: 2020 Challenge
 Throughout the Nations, March 24-27, 2013
also click HERE and HERE

March of Remembrance
In Multiple Cities Around the World, April 7, 2013

Inviting the Body of Christ to Prayer Surge NOW! 2/16
National Conference Call Prayer TOGETHER with
Gospel Fellowships Movement Network AND Prayer Surge NOW! Intercessors
This Saturday morning, 2.16.13, 9-10:30am EST / 6-7:30am PST
Connect using 712-432-0075 and access code 6149782#

Please call in and connect with us join us for a powerful time to hear God's heart for unity in the Body of Christ in North America, coming persecution and the need for house churches and small gatherings of believers.

Introducing Gospel Fellowships Movement, www.gospelfellowships.net
"Gathering as believers under the headship of Jesus Christ"

Dear Saints scattered abroad, Greetings in the precious Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Grace be to you in these turbulent times where our only rock of safety is the person of Christ Himself and His sure promises. With such powerful modern movements such as the House Church Movement in China, and the underground Church in North Korea, the underground Church in Iran, we need to re-evaluate the fruitfulness of the Church in our countries. There is a great need to see such a move of God’s Holy Spirit in many of the Churches in the world. We believe that as the Church, there is a need to learn again godly discipline, prayer and discipleship from these suffering brothers and sisters. Especially, in the Western world, where no strong persecution is taking place.

You can read the content titles of the free book coming soon: www.gospelfellowships.net/principles-book/, Principles for the gathering of believers under the headship of Jesus Christ
Also go to www.facebook.com/gospelfellowships & www.twitter.com/gospelfellowships

Guest Speakers for Prayer Surge NOW! 2/16 in alphabetical order:

Greg Gordon, www.sermonindex.net
Greg Gordon is happily married and a father. He is the founder of the ministry Sermon Index with over 20,000 free audio sermons available.  He has also been involved in organizing inter-denominational conferences on biblical revival for 4 years and seen these take place in Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Nepal, Canada and America. Currently he is serving with others in Gospel Fellowships House Church Movement.

Dr. E.A. Johnston, www.sermonaudio.com/9225
This brother is a speaker with Ambassadors for Christ International USA... a fellowship of gospel preachers and teachers with a clear eternal perspective who have been called by God to preach Christ. He also is the author of many books and biographies including: George Whitefield: A Definitive Biography a large hardcover 2 volume set of over 700 pages on the life of Whitefield. His article on the underground church in china is included in the gospel fellowships principles book and this brother shared on coming persecution to america at our conference.

Brother Mark McCourt is a brother that has a great passion for the Lord. He has been involved in many churches and church plants. The Lord has given him a heart for the larger body of Christ and has been instrumental in encouraging me in the beginning while starting to compile the Principles Book and Gospel Fellowships website. He has a tremendous testimony. 

Brother Frank recently published a wonderful 500+ page volume on the Psalms to encourage the body of Christ to be strengthened for the coming days of persecution by meditating on the powerful truths in these Scriptures, the book is titled: A Poem for Every Psalm: What does the Psalms say to you today?

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