Friday, January 31, 2014

Please consider "2 Chronicles 7:14 on 2.7.14"

2 Chronicles 7:14 on 2.7.14
2.7.14 Morning National Conference Cal
2.7.14 Noon State/Regional Conference Call
2.7.14 Evening Local Prayer Gatherings
Please read details below
Dear Friends & Partners:
Let us turn our attention to "2 Chronicles 7:14 on 2.7.14" with the Body of Christ across America, our states and local cities.  Here is how the Lord has inspired us to share this vision with you.

Last Friday, I received an email from a Houston Area friend and prayer partner who alerted me to Friday, February 7, East Houston gathering focused on responding to God's heart in 2 Chronicles 7:14.  A phone conversation followed with him and Houston pastor, a point person for the evening event.  We sensed the Lord guiding us to a national conference call on the morning of 2.7.14 for the purpose of the Body of Christ choosing humility, prayer, repentance and joining Him rather than having Him join our side (Joshua 5).  Confirmation came through a few phone conversations over the last few of days to share with you the following invitations:

  • 2.7.14 Morning National Conference Call - Please join us for 10-11AM Easter & 7-8AM Pacific prayer with members of the Body of Christ across America using 712-432-0075 & code 6149782#.  Prayers of repentance in the Church of America during this 2 Chronicles 7:14 solemn assembly will be led by servant leaders from various states/regions of our nation.
  • 2.7.14 Noon State-Wide Conference Call - Let us convene as the Body of Christ in our individual states (or region of 2 or more states) to gather during the noon hour.  Plans for California & Texas State conference calls are already under way.  I am also in the process of contacting several key leaders, asking them to consider hosting these conf calls.  May rest of the nation also consider connecting with others in repenting of sins that are plaguing each individual state (or region). 
  • 2.7.14 Evening Local Prayer Gatherings - Local prayer meetings in homes, worship centers, campuses and Houses of Prayer are encouraged to identify with the sins of the local city/region.  It is has always been about 2 or more choosing gathering in Jesus' name that will turn the heart of the local congregation as well as the city-wide church and awaken to the reality of His hope and glory.
Please refer to additional details below & consider sharing this email letter with others in the Body of Christ across America.  I hope to send you updates end of this week & into next.  Thank you for consider this critical invitation for 2 Chronicles 7:14 on 2.7.14.
Together in Christ,
Dai Sup

Special Announcement for Friday, February 7

Let Us Begin 2.7.14 with...
National Conference Call Prayer of
"If My people who are called by My name..."
2 Chronicles 7:14

in the Body of Christ across America
10-11AM EST, 9-10AM CST, 8-9AM MST,
7-8AM PST, 6-7AM Alaska, 5-6AM Hawaii
Connect using 712-432-0075 & code 6149782#
State-Wide & Regional
Noon Hour Conference Call Prayer
Confirmed: California & Texas

Host local/city
2.7.14 Evening Prayer Gathering
 by inviting brothers & sisters to your home
worship center, Houses of Prayer, campuses, etc.

This vision was birth through servant leaders in East Houston.

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