Friday, February 3, 2017

PSN 2/4 for SCOTUS & Destiny of America with Pierre Bynum, E.W. Jackson, Alveda King, Allan Parker, Cindy Collins

Watch U.S. Senate Chaplain Dr. Barry Black
full remarks at 65 th National Prayer Breakfast here
and President Donald Trump: As Long as We
Have God, We Are Never, Ever Alone here.

An invitation from Lou EngleFounder/Director, The Call
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Seats are limited, click here for details/free registration.

An Open Invitation to the Body of Christ
Prayer Surge NOW! 2/4
For the Supreme Court of the United States and Destiny of America
With Special Guest Bishop E.W. JacksonS.T.A.N.D. America
Staying True to America's National Destiny
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Weekly National Prayer Conference Calling Since 2007
TOMORROW Morning, Saturday, February 4
7:30-11 am EST, 6:30-10 am CST, 5:30-9 am MST,
4:30-8 am PST, 3:30-7 am Alaska, 2:30-5 am Hawaii
Host Team: Tom Smith, Al McCarn, Don Finto, Peter Carlson, Dai Sup Han
Call: 712-432-0075  Code: 6149782#  Mute: *6

With the following servant leaders joining intercessors
across America focused on Seeking God's Face for the
Deliverance & Destiny of Our Nation, President Trump,
US Senate, Neil Gorsuch Confirmation immediately after
Weekly Prayer for Israel, Middle East, 7:30-8:30 am Eastern:

8:30-9:00 am Eastern
Pierre Bynum
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Chaplain and National Prayer Director,
Family Research Council,

9:00-10:00 am Eastern
Bishop E.W. Jackson
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Founder/President, S.T.A.N.D.,

10:00-11:00 am Eastern
Dr. Alveda King
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Author of the New Book, America Return to God,
for Dr. King's Feb 1 Press Release in response to
President Trump's roster of cabinet appointees and
new nominee for Supreme Court Judge Neil Gorsuch

Allan Parker
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Attorney for LIFE and President,
The Justice Foundation,

Cindy Collins
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Global Coordinator,
Operation Outcry,

You are welcome to participate in any portion of PSN 2/4 and share 
this invitation with fellow praying brothers and sisters.  Thank you!

Capitol Hill Prayer Partners Bible Readathon
Midnight-6 am EST, call 712-770-4340, code 350430#, mute *6
Daily Morning Prayer Call for America
Sunday-Friday, 8-9 am EST, 
Call 712-432-0075, code 6149782#, mute *6
For details, contact
24/7 National Strategic Prayer Call throughout
The First 100 Days of Trump Administration
Until April 29, call 712-770-4340, code 543555#, mute *6
For details, contact
Dai Sup Han
National Facilitator, Prayer Surge NOW!,
Sat AM Conf Call Number 712-432-0075, Code 6149782#
Partnering with The Justice Foundation
Co-Founder, National Weekend of Prayer to End Slavery and Trafficking
Serving, 10 Days of Prayer, Sept 20-30, 2017
Member, National Prayer Committee
Cell: 530-570-0085
Mailing address: Dai Sup Han, PO Box 26656
Colorado Springs, CO 80936-6656
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