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PSN 8/11 with Abby Abildness, LTC Al McCarn (Ret.) US Amry, Tom Smith & Unbroken Since August 18, 2007

Prayer Surge NOW! 8/11 - A Week Before Our 5 Year Anniversary
Saturday, August 18 will mark a milestone for Prayer Surge NOW! as will honor the Lord for His faithfulness and surge forward into the next 5 years.  This Saturday morning, we will begin with the reading of Isaiah 9:10 and discuss the "harbingers" since 9/11.  Abby Abildness will rejoin join Tom Smith and LTC Al McCarn (Ret.) US Army to provide insights in praying for Israel and the Kurds who are scattered in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria.  Al McCarn will also provide us with his recent Teen Mania missions outreach in the Philippines.  We will wrap up with counting down to 5 years of unbroken weekly Prayer Surge NOW! national conference call.  Prayer Surge NOW! 8/11 details are listed below and posted on www.prayersurgenow.net.  Please share this email with fellow praying brothers & sisters across America.  Thank you!

Prayer Surge NOW! 8/18: Unbroken Since August 18, 2007
5 Years of Unbroken Saturday Morning National Conference Call Prayer
Intercessors Across the Nation with Friends, Servant Leaders & Special Guest
Sid Roth, Host of the TV Program, "It's Supernatural", www.sidroth.org
See PSN 8/18 Schedule/Agenda below
Invitation to Weekly Saturday Morning
Prayer Surge NOW! 8/11
Joint National Conference Calling
Prayer Meeting Across America
“Partnering with CHRIST for REVIVAL
in the Middle East
AND America”
Saturday Morning, 8.11.12
7:30-11am Eastern, 6:30-10am Central,
5:30-9am Mountain, 4:30-8am Pacific,
3:30-7am Alaska, 1:30-5am Hawaii

Conference Call Number & Code
712-432-0075 & 6149782#


4:30-6:30 am Pacific & 7:30-9:30 am Eastern
The Warning of Isaiah 9:10
Watch Rabbi Jonathan Cahn on "It's Supernatural" with Sid Roth
Operation Prayer Surge Prayer Points
for Israel, the Middle East, Our Military

Hosted by
Tom Smith, TN
LTC Al McCarn (Ret.) US Army, TX

For current insights, please click: HERE, HERE & HERE

With Guests
Abby Abildness & Senator Greenleaf, PA
Special Report on the Kurdish People
6:30-8:00 am Pacific & 9:30-11:00 am Eastern
Teen Mania Outreach in the Philippines
Special Report on Recent Missions Trip
for Salvation, Revival, Transformation
LTC Al McCarn (Ret.) US Army, TX
Prayer Surge NOW! Since 8/18/07
& Surging into the Coming Years
Countdown to Prayer Surge NOW! 8/18
5 Years of Unbroken Saturday Morning
National Conference Call Prayer

Dai Sup Han, CA
Facilitator for Prayer Surge NOW! & Californians for JESUS
YWAM Missionary

www.prayersurgenow.net, www.CA4Jesus.net, www.ywamchico.com
PSN 8/18 Schedule/Agenda
7:30am Eastern
PSN Intercessors Reflection Since August 18, 2007

Together Surging Forward into the Next 5 Years
8:00am Eastern
Sharing & Praying with "The Men of 1 Timothy 2:1-8"
For Revival in the Middle East & America
9:00am Eastern
Sid Roth, Host of the TV Program, "It's Supernatural", www.sidroth.org
The Supernatural Ministry of Jesus TODAY
9:30am Eastern
Sharing & praying with various national & regional ministry leaders
Prayer Surge NOW! The Next 5 Years & Beyond              
10:20am Eastern
Sharing & praying with various California ministry leaders:
For the Awakening & Transformation of California - Jesus' Golden State


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