Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Special Prayer Surge NOW! 8/16 & Prayer Surge NOW! 8/18: 5 YEARS of UNBROKEN Weekly Prayer Calls

Dear Friends, Servant Leader & Intercessors Across America:

Please consider joining us for a very special national conference call this Saturday morning - Prayer Surge NOW! 8/18 - "5 YEARS of UNBROKEN" weekly conference call prayer ministry.  Several ministry leaders across the nation will join us for inspirational sharing & praying with us for the next 5 years & beyond, and our special guest will be Sid Roth, Messianic Jewish Host of the TV Program - "It's Supernatural" - www.sidroth.org.

You are also invited to a special Thursday morning, 8/16, Prayer Surge NOW! conference call prayer for the nations including Poland for the upcoming "March of Remembrance" & Muslims as they enter the final days of Ramadan.  You will find some of the details for both below & posted on www.prayersurgenow.net.

Together in Christ,
Dai Sup Han

ation to "5 YEARS of UNBROKEN" Weekly Conf Call Prayer
Saturday, August 18, 7:30am-11am EDT & 4:30am-8am PDT
Prayer Surge NOW! Since 8/18/07
Surging into the Coming Years
712-432-0075 & access code 6149782#
Prayer Surge NOW! 8/18

5 Years of Unbroken Saturday Morning
National Conference Call Prayer
Friends, Servant Leaders & Intercessors
PSN 8/18 Schedule/Agenda
7:30am Eastern / 4:30am Pacific
PSN Intercessors Reflection Since August 18, 2007

Together Surging Forward into the Next 5 Years
8:00am Eastern / 5:00am Pacific
Sharing & Praying with "The Men of 1 Timothy 2:1-8"
For Revival in the Middle East & America
9:00am Eastern / 6:00am Pacific
Sid Roth, Host of the TV Program, "It's Supernatural", www.sidroth.org
The Supernatural Ministry of Jesus TODAY
9:30am Eastern / 6:30am Pacific
Sharing & praying with various national & regional ministry leaders
Prayer Surge NOW! The Next 5 Years & Beyond              
10:20am Eastern / 7:20am Pacific
Sharing & praying with various California ministry leaders:
For the Awakening & Transformation of California - Jesus' Golden State


Invitation to Conference Call Prayer for the Nations on the Occasion of
Thursday Morning Prayer Surge NOW! 8/16
10-11am EDT, 9-10am CDT, 8-9am MDT, 7-8am PDT
Conf. call number 712-432-0075 & access code 6149782#
Prayer Focus
Praising God for Answered Prayers During the Olympics
Intercession for Paralympic Games in London (8/30-9/6)
Intercession for "March of Remembrance" in Poland(8/16-24)
Intercession for the Last Days of Ramadan 2012 (Until 8/18)

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