Wednesday, March 30, 2016

PSN 4/2 for Men's Prayer Force Awakening & April, May PURE Opportunities

Blessed are the PURE in heart, for they will see GOD
~ Spoken by Our LORD JESUS in Matthew 5:8 ~ 
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PURE Opportunities: Prayer, Unity, Repentance, Evangelism
APRIL and MAY 2016 
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Updated, Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dear Praying Brothers and Sisters:

Would you turn your attention to the PURE Opportunities in APRIL and MAY 2016?  These are opportunities for the PURE sons and daughters of the Most High to respond and engage in Prayer, Unity, Repentance,Evangelism.  As you continue to read this letter, please prayerfully consider praying for, promoting, and participating in the following...
  • Saturday, April 2  Prayer Surge NOW! 4/2 National Conference Call Prayer7:30-11 amEastern using 712-432-0075, code 6149782#:  Weekly Intercession for Israel, Middle East, Ukraine, US Military with Tom Smith and Al McCarn, 7:30-9 am ET; Monthly Men's Prayer Force Awakening facilitated by Bev Dennen9-10:30 am ET; and Love Revolution in the Prayer Movement with Pastor Gaylord Enns, Author of the Book, Love Revolution: Rediscovering the Lost Command of Jesus10:30-11 am ET.  Details to be posted on
  • Saturday, April 9  Azusa Now, Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and United Cry, Lincoln Memorial, DC, East Coast and West Coast Solemn Assemblies for National Awakening,  Pray Surge NOW! will provide conference call prayer covering for United Cry and Azusa Now on April 9, during 9-10:30 am ET portion of PSN 4/9, using 712-432-0075, code 6149782#.
  • Saturday, April 9 - National Day of Repentance, April 30  21 Days of National Prayer of Repentance for the Church in America, daily noon hour conference call prayer.  Various ministries including The Justice Foundation, Operation Outcry, Speak Hope, and Prayer Surge NOW! will host three weeks of united prayer until National Day of Repentance, Saturday, April 30, which is 153rd Anniversary of National Day of Prayer and Humiliation as proclaimed by Abraham Lincoln in 1863, clickhere.  Please view Allan Parker's Message to Pastors here.  For details of April 30 National Day of Repentance, please go to  Please look for details regarding 21 Days of National Prayer of Repentance for the Church in America in an upcoming email. 
  • Ascension Thursday, May 5 - Pentecost Sunday, May 15  Spring 10 Days of Prayer for the Body of Christ in Metro Denver Area with daily morning and evening prayer and worship in multiple locations.  Please contact for details.
In addition to above opportunities, I urge you to visit for Decision America Tour 2016 with Franklin Graham and consider participating in prayer rally at your state capitol including Carson City, NevadaTODAY, March 30 and Sacramento, CaliforniaTOMORROWMarch 31.  Please watch CBN News videos of Franklin Graham on the importance Christian vote in 2016 here and the persecuted church here.  Thank you!

Together in Christ,
Dai Sup
Dai Sup Han
National Facilitator, Prayer Surge NOW!,
Sat AM Conf Call Number 712-432-0075, Code 6149782#
Partnering with The Justice Foundation
Co-Founder, National Weekend of Prayer to End Slavery and Trafficking
Serving, 10 Days of Prayer, Sept 13-23, 2015
Member, National Prayer Committee

Cell: 530-570-0085
Mailing address: Dai Sup Han, PO Box 26656
Colorado Springs, CO 80936-6656

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