Thursday, October 9, 2008

10/11 PSN Invitation: PRAYER, REPENTANCE & REVIVAL in America & the Middle East

During these uncertain days, we can be CERTAIN that Jesus is calling His Church to be the intercessors for all nations! (Mark 11:17)

Prayer Surge Now Invites You to the Weekly



Saturday Morning

October 11, 2008

Conference Call Prayer Begins Promptly at

4:30am Pacific / 7:30am Eastern 

Contact for conf. all & access #s


Mobilizing the Church for

“God’s Victory on 11/4 & Beyond!”


October Opportunities for the Church

McCain/Palin, Obama/Biden

Bush, The United States Military

Nations of the Middle East


Agenda for Oct. 11 

4:30am Pacific / 7:30am Eastern

Open Prayer

The Church & Governments

of America & the Middle East

5am Pacific / 8am Eastern

A Special Interview

Ret. Chaplain Mark Benz, United States Army

“Praying for the Church, Government & Our Troops”

Operation Prayer Surge Prayer Points

Tom Smith

“Strategic Intercession for the Middle East”

Important Announcements:

 “Reaching Out to California Youth” 


Debbie Phillips, Life Choices Presents

“East Texas Youth Rallies” 

10/11, 11/8 & 12/13

Chasity, Youth With A Mission

“First Nations Conference for Reconciliation” 

DC 10/8-12

“Joint Prayer” 10/18 & “The CALL SD” 11/1        


6am Pacific / 8am Eastern

Continual Intercession



PSN urges ALL intercessors to prayerfully read

“Born for Battle: 31 Lessons on Spiritual Warfare”

by R. Arthur Mathews



Please consider these video/article links:

“Pastors Calling Pastors to Prayer & 

Repentance for the Purpose of Revival”

“Spiritual Rally on Wall Street”

“Israel Races against Nuclear Time Clock”

“Genuine Revival in China, 

a Must See Video!”

“An Election Message from 

the Catholic Church”

“Tony Perkins, Family Research Council: 

If CA Proposition 8 Fails”

“Proclamation for National Day of 

Humiliation, Fasting, and Prayer”

President Abraham Lincoln

April 30, 1863

“We Have a Choice: 

Humility or Humiliation”

James Robison

July 2006





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