Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Until Tuesday, November 4th: National Election Day

Today, 10/29, 8pm Eastern, Senator Obama will address the nation using 30 minute “infomercial” in ALL 5 major stations.  Pray that God will deliver this nation with HIS TRUTH!

This Day 2 of “A Week of National Humiliation, Fasting & Prayer”.  Together let us touch God’s heart in humble love & full of faith!  For Day 1 & Introduction of this important week, please go to or E-mail

Today’s focus will be Truth Surge. 

Our nation is experiencing A FAMINE OF TRUTH!  We have plenty to eat and drink, but we lack the Voice of God.  It is clear to me, that in the Election of 2008, the “father of lies” is having his way in the media, schools, government, and IN THE CHURCH!.

Before we ask God for HIS TRUTH SURGE in our nation, let us come before Him in the spirit of 1 Timothy 2:1-8with pure hearts, without bitterness and doubt.  This will require us going before our Heavenly Father and asking Him to expose our sins and the sins of the church.

We have NO STANDING IN CHRIST if we come with selfish, unforgiving and prideful hearts.  In fact this will fuel the enemy of our souls to exalt his agenda and those who will be used as his pawns.

Let us allow the TRUTH of the Holy Spirit and the Word SURGE into our hearts! Let us immediate confess any sins, repent from them, and choose to walk with Jesus in the LIGHT as He is in the LIGHT, not because we want to see a certain result on 11/4, but because we are made in God’s image, designed to reflect HIS GLORY!

ABIDING PRAYER means we are in a HOLY RELATIONSHIP with Christ, and our spiritual hearts in beating in sync with His and we are pumping the same “LIFE GIVING BLOOD” that is in Jesus!  This will require purity & holiness on our part.

God wants to give us righteous leaders, life to ALL & LASTING REVIVAL.  Today, He is looking for partnership with His intercessors who surrender our own agenda and, as William Penn, humbly live:


May Jesus be victorious in our lives TODAY!  May Jesus be victorious on 11/4!  May Jesus rule in our nation and succeed in His “Holy Experiment” both in and through US!

Please consider joining us for a 11/1 & 11/4 National Conference Call Prayer.  Details are below:


Please read the following document before participating in the below national conference calls:

"Proclamation for National Day of Humiliation, Fasting, and Prayer"

President Abraham Lincoln (April 30, 1863)


Prayer Surge Now Weekly Conf. Call

Joint Prayer Meeting

Across America
Saturday Morning


 4:30-7am Pacific

5:30-8am Mountain

6:30-9am Pacific

7:30-10am Eastern

PSN Conf. Call & Access Numbers for the Various Time Zones:

Please E-mail 


Prayer Surge Now Special Conf. Call

National Election Day
Tuesday Morning


 5-7am Pacific

6-8am Mountain

7-9am Pacific

8-10am Eastern




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