Friday, July 27, 2007

Kairos Moment in History!

In this week’s newsletter:

1. Iraq: A Kairos Moment in History
2. An Amazing Video From Northern Iraq
3. Urgent Prayer Points in the News

Iraq: A Kairos Moment in History
Abby Abildness, Director of Healing Tree International

Having recently returned from Northern Kurdish Iraq on a medical training mission on crisis response, I have gained perspective on the strategic moment in history the United States is facing in that region. Iraqi Kurdish government physicians told us they rejoice at their newfound freedoms since the fall of the Saddam regime, and the United Nations establishment of the City of Refuge and Healing in that region. Their Kurdish Globe reports that Duhok is proud to be a business gateway of massive rebuilding housing and business projects. Their people are impressed as they watch President Bush’s resolve to continue the fight no matter the opposition. Iraqi’s are impacted by the integrity of American values so much that they welcome us to come into their land to live and teach them. They want to learn how to rule with justice, and how to heal with medical and spiritual wisdom. They want to learn our faith as they see trustworthiness they don’t see in their own people. They say it would be good for the United States and for them if we remain in their land for security and rebuilding. Pray the truth of this good comes out in the media and that we see this positive diplomacy for the victory of our government purposes and sacrifices of our soldiers. Intercession for God’s purposes to be fulfilled is critical since rebuilding is determined not by might, nor power, but by His Spirit (Zechariah 4:6). I see the potential fulfillment of Isaiah 61:4 for Iraq in rebuilding the ancient ruins, and raising up the former desolations, repairing the ruined cities, the devastations of many generation and (verse 7) instead of shame there shall be a double portion, and instead of dishonor they shall rejoice in their lot and have everlasting joy.

Our nation is founded on the faith of our fathers, and has been called to be a nation to show the Father God’s heart to protect and care for other nations in need. This battle in Iraq is a KAIROS moment in history as the eyes of the world are watching and being impacted by the unveiling of justice and truth to the Middle Eastern people. It is no wonder the media battle rages with such high stakes. Prayer Surge is critical in releasing the power of the Spirit of God to bring victory in that region. Just as Northern Iraq is becoming a gateway to rebuilding business and housing, to bring healing to the land of Iraq, it will also be a gateway to healing for America and the world. As other nations are watching, we are providing a powerful witness to the faith of our nation’s founding fathers. This war is a sacred task. If we can keep the focus as One Nation Under God on healing their land we will find it will bring healing to our land. America has a Father’s heart to bring justice and healing to nations. If we trust in God for success, we would come out of there having done a great thing for the world.

Please watch
An Amazing Video From Northern Iraq
See for yourself what Abby & others (who have spent time with the Kurds) are talking about!

Urgent Prayer Points in the News

Continue to lift up our troops – their safety & success.

Al Qaeda is losing their voice and influence over Iraqi people. Let us press in!,2933,290332,00.html

Remember the Korean hostages being held by the Taliban. For the latest developments, go to

Intercede for the persecuted Christians in Iraq.

Is Iran planning to “hit Israel first, U.S. next”? Read about it in,2933,291078,00.html

Friday, July 20, 2007

Interceding for Operation Iraqi Freedom

This week focus:

1. Operation Iraqi Freedom Praise Reports in the Media
2. Prayer Points in the News & on the Web
3. The Mission of Iraq Prayer Surge ~ NOW!
4. Examples of Prevailing Prayer

Operation Iraqi Freedom Praise Reports in the Media

Peace & security throughout Northern Iraq (video included):

Al Qaeda’s #1 man in Iraq has been captured (video included):

Victory in the United States Senate:

Prayer Points in the News & on the Web

We need the Lord to transform the hearts and minds of the American people:,2933,289976,00.html

God’s protection and purity among our troops:,2933,289878,00.html

Wisdom for President Bush, Congress and military leadership – God’s timing, not man’s:

Mobilization of our veterans for success in Operation Iraqi Freedom:

Iraq Prayer Surge ~ NOW!
Hosted by MEN for NATIONS, Washington, DC

The Mission

1. 2 Chronicles 7:14 To remind Biblical Christians across America to approach God in unity, humility and repentance in order to receive His listening ears, forgiveness and healing. He is already answering our prayers in Northern Iraq and in and through our troops who consider themselves as Christ’s Ambassadors in Iraq.

2. Hebrews 4:14-16 To promote deep intercession within the Body of Christ across America for “Operation Iraqi Freedom” that will result in God's victory and security in Iraq well beyond September 15th. We are in great desperate need of His mercy and grace in Baghdad, Jerusalem and Washington, DC.

3. 1 Timothy 2:1-8 To pray daily for God's protection and blessings upon our troops and the Iraqi people for the purpose of revival in both America & Iraq. We must also pray for President Bush, the US Congress, our military leadership, and the families of our troops who are grieving and waiting as well as God’s salvation among the Iraqis.

Examples of Prevailing Prayer

Victory in the Civil War – President Lincoln’s call for prayer, March 30, 1863

Victory in World War II – Rees Howells Intercessor (Chapters 34-36) by Norman Grubb

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Iraq War From a Kingdom Perspective

The United States Congress poised to bring our troops home even before General Petraeus gives his assessment of the “troop surge.” Without a significant prevailing Prayer Surge, global terror will spread like a wild fire and the ancient Middle East kingdoms such as Babylon, Persia and Assyria will be revived. The Lord is leaving the destiny of America, Iraq, Israel, and the rest of the nations in the prayers of His intercessors. Let us include our congress in our Prayer Surge as instructed in 1 Timothy 2:1-8.

Content of this issue of Iraq Prayer Surge ~ NOW!:

1. The War in Iraq From a Kingdom Perspective: The breaking of the 10/40 Window

2. Our Intercession Will Make the Difference: Series of news articles tracking Al Qaeda,
President Bush’s call for 9/15/07 report, crisis in the Congress, and the latest in Iraq benchmarks.

3. Vets for Freedom: Getting the veterans’ message out.

The War in Iraq From a Kingdom Perspective
Pastor Tatsuo Akamine, Global Revival Mission

From a Kingdom perspective, which for all 'born-again' Christians, is the most critical, the war in Iraq is essentially about the breaking of the 10/40 window.

"Has any god ever tried to take for himself one nation out of another nation, by testings, by miraculous signs and wonders, by war, by a mighty hand and an outstretched arm, or by great and awesome deeds, like all the things the LORD your God did for you in Egypt before your very eyes? (Deut. 4:34)

In the field of Christian missions, the 10/40 window is that region in the globe which encompasses all of North Africa, the entire Middle East, extends into India, China and the Far East. This area contains close to 2 billion people who have yet to hear the Gospel. For centuries this area has been the stronghold of the Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist empires and has been impervious to missionary activity for centuries up until now!

God is using this war to break open this window!

Advancement of Gospel Mission

Unprecedented numbers of Muslims are coming to Christ since the war erupted. Christians in the area thank God for the war as the freedom to propogate the gospel is greater than it ever has been.

Last year I was invited to Malaysia to attend the 2007 Global Prayer Summit. While there, I met a physcian from Eygpt and he told me,

"Tatsuo, since the war, there have been more Muslims converted to Christ than in the previous 1,400 years combined!"

A Christian leader from Kuwait told me that since the '1991 Gulf War' the entire atmosphere of Kuwait has changed!

The Prince of Persia

The 'Prince of Persia' which is the ruling principality in this area (Dan. 10:13) wants to close this window and reclaim his losses, that's why through his global networks of other principalities, especially through secular media, which is his main tool, he is stirring up regional, international, and domestic protest to get our troops out of Iraq and to effect the politics of this nation.

2008 Presidential Elections

We must fervently pray that the eyes of Christians would be opened by this kingdom of God perspective rather than be blinded by CNN, MSNBC, and other major secular networks! Mark my words, this will be the key issue for next year's battle for the 2008 Presidential Elections!

Our Intercession Will Make the Difference

Let us apply the principles of intercession into the Prayer Surge and invite the Holy Spirit into Iraq, the Pentagon, the US Capitol Building and the White House. May these articles give you great insights:

1. Gen. Petraeus: Expect Big Strikes From Al Qaeda 7/7/07,2933,289152,00.html

2. Al Qaeda Renewing Efforts in US 7/12/07,2933,289152,00.html

3. Bush: Wait Until Gen. Petraeus in September 7/12/07

4. House Votes to Withdraw Troops 7/12/07,2933,289153,00.html

5. GOP Senators Calling for Withdrawal 7/12/07,2933,289158,00.html

6. 8 of 18 Benchmarks Met in Iraq 7/12/07,2933,289050,00.html

Vets for Freedom

Vets for Freedom is dedicate in bringing the veterans’ perspective of Operation Iraqi Freedom to the media and the congress. The vast majority believe in remaining in Iraq until the job is complete. Supporting the troops requires listening to them. For ACTION POINTS, please go to