Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving & 11/29 with Bishop Odhiambo, Ken Eakes, Tom Smith & Christine Cruz


to you & your loved ones as you reflect upon God’s great faithfulness!

Psalm 100

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This posting includes “Prayer for Our Troops”, important video links & book titles

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Saturday Morning, November 29, 2008

Conference Call Prayer

4:30 - 7:00 am Pacific

5:30 - 8:oo am Mountain

6:30 - 9:00 am Central

7:30 - 10:00 am Eastern

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Partnering with Christ


Revival in the Middle East & America!”


Agenda for Nov. 29 

4:30am Pacific / 7:30am Eastern 

Open Prayer

If My People Humble Themselves, Turn from Sin & Pray

With Bishop Erick Odhiambo, Kenyan Pastor Ministering in Tyler, TX

5am Pacific / 8am Eastern

Operation Prayer Surge Prayer Points

 Strategic Intercession for the Middle East

With Tom Smith, Franklin, TN 

Serving Our Returning Warriors

Life After Iraq & Afghanistan

With Ken Eakes,

6am Pacific / 8am Eastern

Continual Intercession for Gov. Palin

Encouraging Update from Wasilla, AK

Prayer Surge for CA Proposition 8

In the Hands for the Highest Court in the Universe

With Christine Cruz,


PSN urges ALL intercessors to prayerfully read

“Born for Battle: 31 Lessons on Spiritual Warfare”

by R. Arthur Mathews


“The Seed of a Nation: Rediscovering America”

by Darrell Fields 


PSN Recommended Videos:

“Revival Hymn”

“Genuine Revival in China”

“Thank You Gov. Sarah Palin!”



FromTanya, Bedford, VA

Abba Father, your word tells us in Eph 2:10 that we are YOUR masterpieces, created to do YOUR will, which YOU have prepared in advance for us.  How we thank you for creating men and women who are willing to serve our country by serving in the military whatever their capacity. They sacrifice their lives, to save our lives and give us our freedom.  You gifted them each so uniquely and we celebrate them. 

Oh Abba father, how hard that must be for our soldiers and those who serve in governmental areas that cant share what they are doing or going thru.  Be their EL ROI the God who sees and make your manifest presence known as only you can as the Elohim creator GOD.

Thank you LORD that we can pray for them and we expect you to continue to encourage and uplift them.  Please give divine wisdom to the many chaplains stationed there to be your hands and feet.  Give each of us great sensitivity in how to pray, even if we don’t understand, our prayers do matter, please forgive us for our unbelief. Please even now as the Congress and Senate meet open the floodgates that the money needed for our troops can get there and for places of healing, debriefing and adjustment to be made readily available--so they can get back to normal life and if called again--be able to serve you most effectively.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Praying with ONE Heart of Thanksgiving

Prayer Surge Now Invitation to Weekly Conference Call

Joint Prayer Meeting Across America
Partnering with Christ for Revival in the Middle East & America”

Saturday Morning, 11.22.08

4:30-7am Pacific, 5:30-8am Mountain, 

6:30-9am Pacific, 7:30-10am Eastern

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In today’s issue:

1.  Thanksgiving of 1621/2008

2.  11/22 Operation Prayer Surge Prayer Points

3.  Prevailing Intercession for the Persecuted Church

4.  Written Prayers for Mr. Bush & Mr. Obama

Thanksgiving of 1621/2008

For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.  2 Chronicles 16:9a

Although King Asa did not heed to this Word of the Lord spoken through Prophet Hanani, the Pilgrims did!  When the Lord saw that this persecuted English believers were loyal only to the King of kings, He used miracles to allow them to land in Plymouth Rock (rather than Virginia), meet Squanto (a Native American knew Jesus and spoke English!), survive to celebrate the First Thanksgiving (with new friends), and write the Mayflower Compact (which was the forerunner of our constitution!!!).  America’s Thanksgiving is incomplete without a careful study of what God did in and through the Pilgrims, and the Natives who were used to rescue them, nearly 400 years ago.  Please read the articles in the following links:

Would you consider:

(1) Sending a “Just Say Thanks” card to our troops?  Please use the services of  (Please read many of the responses from our troops who have received them:

(2) Sending us your prayer of thanksgiving and praise of how God is blessing the nations through our military?  Please E-mail with your first name and state by 11/24.


11/22 Operation Prayer Surge Prayer Points

Intercessors are invited to our weekly Saturday morning JOINT PRAYER MEETINGS ACROSS AMERICA.  This Saturday, we will focus on God’s “River of Mercy” flowing through the nations and intercede on behalf of the leaders in America and the Middle East.  Tom Smith will once again provide Operation Prayer Surge Prayer Points including the details military movements in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel and Central Asia.  Please return to the top of this newsletter for the conference call time and numbers.

To prepare for the call, please go to these CBN articles and videos:

“Memo to Iran: Beware the Sufa” 

“From Cold War to Oil War? US and Georgia” 

Prevailing Intercession for the Persecuted Church

Elizabeth, Intercessor from MA, wrote:

In the upcoming weeks, is it possible to consider praying for the following issues? 

Praying for persecuted Christians: An estimated 200 million Christians in 60 countries are at risk of being persecuted.  Christians are exiting Iraq to escape death.  Christians are being persecuted in Orissa, India.  Christians continue to be persecuted in Sudan, Ethiopia, North Korea and China.  Believers in Columbia who stand against the drug lords are assassinated.  Countless nations are persecuting our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.,9171,1101040927-699409,00.html

YES WE WILL!  Please join us for prevailing intercession for our brothers and sisters who are in desperate need!


Written Prayers for Mr. Bush & Mr. Obama

Prayer Surge Now has accepted several written prayers for our leaders.  They are available upon your request!  Contact us at 



Monday, November 10, 2008

“Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.”

John 15:13

A Special Prayer Surge Now Newsletter

Veterans Day, November 11, 2008



We honor the 25 million veterans among us.  

Thank you for your great sacrifice and service to our nation.  You have kept the peace and defended America, giving us & many nations the precious gift of liberty!  We pray that each and every one of you may know Christ’s love and have peace with the Father.

Please watch this inspirational video from Military.Com:


Read President George W. Bush’s final Veterans Day Proclamation:



Prayer Surge Now invites ALL intercessors to pray blessings for both President Bush and President-Elect Obama.  Our intercession during this transitional period is needed for healing and direction for our nation. 

We also invite you to E-mail us your thoughts and prayers for both leaders for our next newsletter.  Please send them to


Billy Graham celebrated his 90th birthday last week!  Both Rev. Graham & Dr. King were God’s instruments to bring greater racial unity to America 50 years ago.  Would you watch this CBN video and allow God to use you today towards Christ’s unity among ALL believers?

The Day Billy Graham Did the Unthinkable 

The motion picture “Billy: The Early Years” is now playing throughout the South!  Go to for details of this amazing movie.



Prayer Surge Now Invitation to Weekly Conference Call

Joint Prayer Meeting Across America
Partnering with Christ for Revival in the Middle East & America”

Saturday Morning, 11.15.08

4:30-7am Pacific, 5:30-8am Mountain, 6:30-9am Central, 7:30-10am Eastern

Conference Call & Access Numbers

Please contact

Thursday, November 6, 2008

11/8 Conf. Call & PSN Newsletter

Prayer Surge Now Invitation to Weekly Conference Call

Joint Prayer Meeting Across America
Partnering with Christ for Revival in the Middle East & America”

Saturday Morning, 11.8.08

4:30-7am Pacific, 5:30-8am Mountain, 6:30-9am Pacific, 7:30-10am Eastern

Conference Call & Access Numbers



Prayer Surge NOW! Newsletter

In today’s issue:

1.   Earnest Prayer for President Bush & President Elect Obama

2.      A Good News Story from Iraq” by LTC Al McCarn  

3.      PSN Supports Welcome Home Troops!

4.      America’s Original Blueprint: “The Seed of a Nation”

Earnest Prayer for President Bush & President Elect Obama

How can we partner with God in bringing His success to America and to the nations of the world?  One effective way is to pray earnestly for our leaders.  Are you willing to apply 1 Timothy 2:1-8 for President Bush and President Elect Obama?  Are you willing continually KNOCK, SEEK & ASK on their behalf and experience Christ’s presence in the White House beyond January 20, 2009?  Please consider joining us for the FIRST PSN POST-ELECTION CONFERENCE CALL.  The details of this call are at the top of this E-mail.

In just hours after the elections, the world has been a more dangerous place!  Both men must deal with “The New Russian Missile Crisis” & “Riots in Israel” in God’s wisdom.  Please go to:,2933,447204,00.html

Please take a good look at how Americans voted in the presidential election and how Californians voted for key ballot measures:,0,7249281.graphic


“A Good News Story from Iraq” by LTC Al McCarn  

Following is a portion of a letter written by LTC Al McCarn, our Prayer Surge Now intercessor stationed in Baghdad.  For the complete letter, please contact   

Last week I had a surprisingly uplifting experience in an interesting place: a facility in Baghdad where several thousand people our forces have captured during our operations in Iraq remain in detention.  The Soldiers who conducted our tour set the impressive tone for our visit.  Most of them were Reservists.  As I have seen for many years, it is hard to tell who is from the Active Army, National Guard, or Army Reserve; Soldiers from all three Components live up to the same standards.  They are consummate professionals who take their responsibilities seriously, and for these Soldiers their first responsibility is to treat the detainees in their care with dignity and respect.  That is the good news story I would like to relate.


PSN Supports Welcome Home Troops!

Prayer Surge Now is in partnership with Susan Rebar, Founder and Director of Welcome Home Troop (WHT).  We honor WHT caring for the needs of returning troops and ask you to consider contacting WHT to volunteer and providing financial assistance.  Please go to and get involved in the lives of those who have served us in Iraq and Afghanistan!

Susan Rebar will share her heart for our troops and the new commander-in-chief during “Joint Prayer Meeting Across America” this Saturday morning!


America’s Original Blueprint

“The Seed of a Nation” a book written by Darrell Fields

Understanding the story of Pennsylvania is profoundly important when considering the spiritual battle for America as a whole. This small state contains redemptive potentials in its foundations like few others and a story of modern heroism and sacrifice is beginning to unfold that could instruct us all.

–John Dawson, International Reconciliation Coalition

There may be room there for such a Holy Experiment.  For the nations want a precedent and my God will make it the Seed of a Nation.  That an example may be set up to the Nations.  That we may do the thing that is truly wise and just. 

–William Penn, The First Governor of the Colony of Pennsylvania

For more details of “The Seed of a Nation” go to

What role will YOU play in this Holy Experiment?