Tuesday, September 25, 2007


In this issue:
1. Praying for the Muslims
2. Ancient Doors
3. September 26th & October 6th

Praying for the Muslims

What do Operation Iraqi Freedom, the 30 Days of Ramadan and Ahmadinejad visit to New York have in common? They are reminders for us to pray for the Muslims in the Middle East, America and around the world. Jesus has already paid the price for ALL. We must intercede for the 1.2 billion followers of Islam: For their salvation and discipleship in God’s Kingdom.

Let us commit our military to God and ask Him to open wide the 10/40 window for the Muslims in Iraq (and surrounding nations) that they may have greater access to the gospel. For encouraging news links, go to http://www.vetsforfreedom.com.

The 30 days of Ramadan ends on October 12th. As the Muslims are praying and fasting for “Allah’s favor”, we are called to pray that the One and Only God of the Universe would be revealed to them. For intercession for the Muslims during Ramadan, go to http://www.30-days.net.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is scheduled to address the United Nations General Assembly today. (Not Sunday, 9/23, as announced in our last entry.) Let us ask God to touch his heart as well as the rest of the Muslim & Arab leadership. Go to http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,297935,00.html.

Join us this Saturday morning for conference call prayer for our troops and the Muslims. For details, please contact prayersurgenow@gmail.com.

Ancient Doors

It is time to unlock the ancient doors and release God’s redemptive purposes. They have been held at bay until this season of time….

I am ready to unleash My power and glory over the face of the earth and bring forth an outpouring of My Spirit on all flesh. You are entering into this season of time. You must walk in boldness and confidence. You must settle all issues of compromise and woundedness, for I will take you into deep waters. Your resolve must be unshakable. Everything that can be shaken will be, and what will be left standing is all that will bring glory and true honor to My name.

I am about to unleash upon the earth the cleansing, healing rain. It is the rain of My power, My Spirit, My glory. The eyes of many will be opened. You are to stand by the Lord of the harvest and call forth those who are ready and willing. Don’t shrink back or wait for another to lead. You must step out and take the lead. I will be faithful to give you the words to speak in that hour. You will declare and decree My word as it has been written and prophesied from ancient days of old. You are living in the day of its fulfillment. No eye has seen nor ear has heard neither has it entered into the heart of man what I have prepared and planned for you in this day.

Keep your focus and listen carefully for I will speak and reveal My purpose to My people as they ask, seek and knock.

Stir up the gifts that are in you. Allow My Spirit to quicken your spirit as deep calls to deep at the sound of the waterspouts (the rushing, flowing, plunging waters of life). This is a place of great stirrings, great movement, action and interaction. This is not the place of still quiet waters where I have led you to rest. This is the place of activation and great movement, you interacting with Me and as you move and respond with Me something powerful happens. The movement is generated into an expediential power – when unleashed nothing can touch. It is a finished work for eternity, sealed in the heavenlies forever.

“Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord of hosts.” Zech. 4:6

It is not your might and power, but My Spirit working through you that releases the flow and brings it to the earth in accordance with heaven.

You were made for this. My Church was designed to show forth My great power and glory as the angels look on in awe. You do what they can not do. You receive the gift of redemption and the power to overcome sin and evil. The angels look on in wonder and desire to join you in the work you engage in. It is time for My Church to awaken and see her own potential. She has great authority within her reach and at her disposal. She is to take this authority as capitol and use it to accomplish My purposes on the earth - in the nations.

All the scenarios of faith in My word are yours for the asking. Remember I am the Vine, you are the branches. Abide in Me and I will sustain you in all the places I call you to go. I am your strength and your help. Take courage and walk in faith by My Spirit’s direction.

Respectfully submitted by Joyce Smith, Prayer Force; September 6, 2007

Scripture References: (Amplified version)
Joel 2 & 3; Isaiah 44:6 & 8; Psalms 42:7; John 15:5; Isaiah 45

September 26th & October 6th

Prayer Surge Now supports the following national events:
See You at the Pole ’07
Stand in the Gap 2007

Tomorrow, September 26th, 7 AM, millions of teenagers will gather at the flagpoles of high school campuses across the nation for the Annual SYATP. Would you join our faithful teens and pray at your local high school and for our schools, government, cities, and nation?

Saturday, October 6th will be a history making day in America. Men of all ages will converge at Washington DC to Stand in the Gap for the purpose of coming “together, shoulder-to-shoulder with one another and face-to-face before God to give account of themselves and to commend the works of God to men of other generations.”

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Iranian President Ahmadinejad & Fulton Street Revival

1 Timothy 2:1-8 encourages us to pray for men everywhere, including those in authority, and to pray with pure hearts, without condemning others and with faith . Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be in New York City tomorrow and Monday to address the United Nations and Columbia University. This man and his nation & the Middle East need our prayers TODAY.

Read about his actions in Iran & visit to NYC:

Could it be that the Lord is bring him to New York? He will be speaking at the UN during the 150th Anniversary Celebration of Fulton Street Revival in Lower Manhattan. This revival (also called the Laymen's Prayer Revival) began on September 23, 1857 with 6 men praying at in Wall Street area just a few blocks from 9/11 Ground Zero. Within a few months 50,000 New Yorkers began to repent and intercede for the nation. Within 18 months, 1 million new believers were added to God's Kingdom all over the nation. Many revival experts have called this move of God as the greatest revival in American history.

Read about Fulton Street Revival & watch the video:

Columbia University is a key institution in America. This is where John Dewey taught the students of Teachers College approximately 100 years ago, and his work opened the flood gates to secular humanism to enter our nation's public school system. The affects of his teachings has brought devastating consequences to America. Secular humanism (the belief that man is "god") is the dominant philosophy throughout our schools (K-12 & colleges) as well as our government, media, business world, and religions, including that many use the Bible.

Read about John Dewey & secular humanism:
(Read the words of secular humanists)

I believe the Lord is getting our attention out attention today: Look at what came out of NYC? The Great Revival 150 years ago and great evil 100 years ago. Besides praying for President Ahmadinejad (who was not allowed to pay tribute at NYC Gound Zero), let's us ask God to awaken the hearts of men, women and children all across America and to defeat secular humanism in America .

"Lord, we ask that you would bring 10 million souls to Your Kingdom in America by the end of 2008! Lord, we ask for a mighty move of God to increase in Israel, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and ALL of Middle East! Even as you opened the eyes of Saul to become Paul, would you give open the eyes of those who are against You & Your Church so that they may enter into loving relationship with Jesus?"

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


In this today's issue:

1. Ramadan: Our Opportunity to Intercede
2. A Prophetic Perspective on Iraq
3. 09.22.07 Joint Prayer Meeting Across America

Ramadan: Our Opportuntiy to Intercede

God loves the 1.2 billion Muslims throughout the world. His Only Begotten Son shed His precious blood everyone, including those who practice the religion of Islam. He calls us to lovingly pray for the Muslims that they may find THE WAY, THE TRUTH & THE LIFE in Jesus. During this month of Ramadan, September 13th - October 12th, let us intercede for the Muslims here and abroad.

Ramadan is an Islamic religious observance during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, when the Quran was "revealed." The Muslims need the loving truth of God and His Word to set them free. Operation Iraqi Freedom hinges upon God's revelation of His eternal power and grace for the Iraqi people. The security of the Middle East, including Israel, require Iran and Syria to come under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Revival in America is connected to the transformation (that has already begun!) in the Muslim world. May the Spirit of the Living God fall upon Muslims everywhere!

For an excellent source of prayer guide for Muslims, please go to http://www.30-days.net/.

A Prophetic Perspective on Iraq
Spoken by J.V., New York, NY
Sunday, August 5, 2007 (condensed)

Do you think that the world’s armies report only to their chain of command? No! They are sometimes hijacked by principalities and powers out to wreak havoc on earth and sweep people up into the mouth of hell.

And I am the Lord of Hosts—the Lord of armies—the armies of heaven and also those of earth, whom I conscript from time to time to work my own will. I whistled for the armies of Assyria and Babylon to come down on the mountains of Israel to execute justice—to sweep away what had polluted even my own house, says the Lord.

Do I not have the right, as Lord of Hosts, to call for armies, and to send them out as it pleases me? I take what belongs to me, while I induce men to think that it is for other reasons. I do as I will in the court of heaven and on the battlefields of the earth. I am the Lord of Hosts.

Pray to me, says the Lord of Hosts that the army of this nation prevails. I have whistled for it and sent it out—not for your national interests and calculated good, but for the good of people you did not care about—people who have exacted your money, people who trouble you.

I have taken your sons, your materiel and your wealth, and I have spent it on the souls of those for whom you did not care—for I care for them. Note how I have not exacted from you the measure of pain and cost that is meet, for I have poured into your bag more than I have taken out. I have not required ten thousands of your sons, but I have made your wound light. Have you not prospered while I have borrowed your army and taken your means? I have given you more in return than you have spent!

Pray—let your heart be stirred for these Arab and Muslim souls. They are mine, says the Lord. I will not suffer that they be dragged into hell in their great numbers. I will pluck burning brands out of this fiery sand—sons and daughters worthy of my Name, for I will make them worthy. I will gather, as a hen does her chicks, those whose names are Mohammed and Amir, and they will rejoice under my wings. They will stand with my people Israel and with you, and revel in the richness of the oil of my gladness, says the Lord—which exceeds the wealth of all the oil under their sands—oil that has enriched them, and impoverished them, in this world.

Be converted to be friends of these whom I save, where I have sent your armies. I have educated many among your armies, and their hearts will be turned. There are heroes and champions among your soldiers, who have much to teach you. I will make them a blessing in your midst. And some of them will return there—not with a uniform and a gun, but with a Bible, with hands ready for hard work, and with hearts that are united with the people they have defended with their lives and their guns.

Glory to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel—and of Ishmael. Glory to Him in the faces of their children and their grandchildren and their great-grandchildren. Lets those nations—and the sands of the desert—rise up an offering to Him and glorify Him!

09.22.07 Joint Prayer Meeting Across America

We must continue to pray for our troops, the Iraqi people, the media, President Bush, our Congress, and for the success of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Would you take part in the Joint Prayer Meeting Across America this Saturday morning (8-10am Eastern, 7-9am Central, 6-8am Mountain, 5-7am Pacific)? Please E-mail prayersurgenow@gmail.com for conference call number & access code and other details.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Special 9/11 Edition

In this special 9/11 issue:

1. 09.15.07 Joint Prayer Across America
2. A Historic Week in Our Nation's Capital
3. "Sabboth and Our Nation Destiny"
4. Praying 1 Timothy 2:8

09.15.07 Joint Prayer Meeting Across America

General Petraeus has given his Iraq report. The Congress is responding. President Bush plans address the nation. The Lord has answered many of our prayers for our troops and Iraq. We must continue to "STAND IN THE GAP" & be His "WATCHMEN ON THE WALL." Would you take part in the Joint Prayer Meeting Across America this Saturday morning (8-10am Eastern, 7-9am Central, 6-8am Mountain, 5-7am Pacific)? Please E-mail prayersurgenow@gmail.com for conference call number & access code and other details.

A Historic Week in Our Nation's Capital

This has been a historic week! General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker have testified before a Senate hearing on Iraq progress. In spite of their optimism for our troops and Iraq, many in the United States Congress are still calling for troop withdrawal. The President is prepared to announce to the nation his plans to reduce our presence in Iraq. Our veterans will converge upon Capitol Hill in support of our military and the people of Iraq. Please go to the following news and web links for the details:

Sabbath and Our National Destiny
A word submitted through Al McCarn of Alexandria, VA
September 8, 2007

Adonai Elohim has called the United States of America to a mighty redemptive purpose. We have aspired to spread the blessings of liberty and democracy in keeping with the vision of our nation’s founders, but in the past century we have come short in nearly every endeavor. We have experienced the frustration of compromise and defeat in World War I, Korea, Vietnam, our interventions in Latin America, in the First Gulf War, and now in Iraq and Afghanistan. Perhaps there is an underlying root cause that has kept us from completing the works our God calls us to do as a people and as a nation. As an answer, the Lord provides these examples:
He called Moses to free His people from Egypt, but came near to killing him because he had not obeyed the Lord by circumcising his son (Exodus 4:24-26)
He called Joshua to lead the people to victory in Canaan, but would not let the people advance beyond Jordan until they had obeyed Him regarding circumcision (Joshua 5:2-9)
He called Ezra to lead the people back to Jerusalem and rebuild the Temple, but would not let them continue the work until they had turned from the sins of Solomon (I Kings 11:1-13) and put away the foreign wives who had opened them to the corrupting influence of their pagan practices (Ezra 9:1-4, 10:9-12)
He called Nehemiah to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem so that the city could be once again the spiritual, governmental, economic, and social center of His people, but would not let them finish the work until they obeyed Him regarding Sabbath (Nehemiah 13:15-22)

In each of these examples, the choice Adonai gave to His people was either to obey, or turn back and leave God to complete His work through someone else.
We are in the same place. We cannot complete the journey and finish the task because we remain locked in the sins of our fathers. We have not yet answered the call of the Almighty to come out of the deceptions of Babylon (Revelation 18:1-5). If we would advance beyond the half-measures and compromises of our past and fulfill our destiny, then we must humble ourselves before our God and obey His commandments. The first step He asks of us is to keep all ten of His commandments. We do well in keeping nine of them, but we fail in this one:
“Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy. (Exodus 20:8)
Adonai Elohim says to us:
“If you turn away your foot from the Sabbath, from doing your pleasure on My holy day, and call the Sabbath a delight, the holy day of the LORD honorable, and shall honor Him, not doing your own ways, nor finding your own pleasure, nor speaking your own words, then you shall delight yourself in the LORD; and I will cause you to ride on the high hills of the earth, and feed you with the heritage of Jacob your father. The mouth of the LORD has spoken.” (Isaiah 58:13-14)
This is the beginning of obedience to the God Who made us. He calls with breaking heart to His people to ask Him what it means to keep Sabbath, and then to obey Him when He answers. It is only in this way, as we lay down our own priorities and that way which seems right to us in our own eyes, that He will show us His way, which is the only way to complete victory. Unless and until we begin to obey Him in this, our national destiny will remain unfulfilled, and He will complete His redemptive work through someone else.

Praying 1 Timothy 2:8

Lord on this solemn day and everyday,
we choose to pray with clean hearts,
without hatred and bitterness,
believing You will hear us as we continue to
intercede for the leaders of both America and Iraq,
our troops and the Iraqi people
who are in desperate need of your grace and mercy today.

Friday, September 7, 2007


Next week, as we remember the tragic events of 9/11, General Petraeus scheduled is to report to the United States Congress and provide his assessment of the war in Iraq on September 11th & 12th. The Lord is asking us TODAY to be His intercessors for America (Ezekiel 22:20). He is inviting us to love our enemies and be His instruments of reconciliation (Matthew 5:43-48 & 2 Corinthians 5:16-21). In Luke 23:34, Jesus nailed to the cross prayed, "Father, forgive them for they do not know what they do." Stephen's last words in Acts 8:60 echoed the words of Jesus, "Lord, do not charge them with this sin."

Would you intercede for ALL people of Iraq TODAY?
Would you ask God to awaken the Church of America TODAY?
Would you be on you knees for President Bush and the Congress TODAY?
Would you ask God to guide General Petraeus and our military into HIS victory TODAY?
Would you pray on behalf of Prime Minister al-Maliki and the Government of Iraq TODAY?

Joint Prayer Meeting Across America will continue tomorrow, 9/8 and next Saturday, 9/15. For conference call number and more details please E-mail prayersurgenow@gmail.com .

For the latest breaking news from Iraq, please go to http://www.vetsforfreedom.com/.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Thank you ... you're making his-tory

An Iraqi child gives a "thumbs up" for your prayers!

Thank you to ALL of you who prayed during the 100 DAYS OF PRAYER SURGE. You made history! Of course, it's not over, so thank you again for your well worn and durable "prayer shields".