Friday, May 30, 2008

May 31 - July 5 Prayer Surge for Bush & November Election

Prayer Surge Now Invites You to the Weekly
Saturday Morning
May 31, 2008
8AM Eastern
7AM Central
6AM Mountain
5AM Pacific

Prayer Gatherings Outside of Our
National and State Capitol Buildings
& Local City Halls

The People California
President George W. Bush
2008 Presidential Election

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Saturday, May 31

PSN from the Capitol Steps in
Sacramento, CA

So far this year, California Courts have ruled for:
Marriage license for same-sex couples
Teaching homosexual relationships in public schools, K-12
Home schooling parents requiring public school teaching credential

The choices made by our next president may make
such decisions mandates of our federal government!
The remaining 5 months, before November 4th General Election,
might be the most critical period in our nation!
Would you join us in praying for
the State of California,
our President & the candidates running for his seat?

PSN is calling for intercessors to gather at the steps of
capitol buildings & city halls for a time of prayer & repentance.


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First 30 minutes
Please gather in your prayer groups and connect with us for the joint meeting using
the conference call number & access code above.

Next 90 minutes
Please intercede in your prayer groups.

Saturday Mornings, June 6 ~ July 5

Continuing Our Intercession for
President Bush
2008 Presidential Election

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Special Tribute & 5/31 Conference Call

In this special Memorial Day issue:
1. Remembering Our Military
2. Kendall’s Tribute
3. 5/31~7/5 PSN for President Bush & 2008 Election

Remembering Our Military

On this Memorial Day, let us gather together at military monuments, local cemeteries and homes to remember God gifts to America and the nations, those who gave their lives in the battle fields among throughout the world, and remember to continually intercede for the men and women in uniform who are in harms way in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Would you allow God to touch your heart as you read President Bush's Prayer for Peace, Memorial Day 2008 Proclaimation and these inspiring videos (with music) on You Tube?

Kendall’s Tribute

There is a time to remember…

I remember in high school heading to the beach over Memorial Day and seeing a man in a wheelchair sitting outside Wal-Mart. He held a small flag in his hand and a can.

I was a senior and this was the FIRST time I’d ever actually paused long enough to consider the actual meaning of “Memorial Day”. Until then, it was simply time off at the beach.

But that particular day rocked my world. Everything began to swirl in slow motion, and I saw a man with no legs raising a few pennies for his friends who had served. I was ashamed at the time.

Now days I try to give honor where honor is due.

So, this incredible story below is worth reading (go to the link below) and I hope one day will become a film. The scene of this Marine dancing with his mother speaks volumes. The article is entitled: Miracle Marine.


Please read “Miracle Marine” by going to:

5/31~7/5 PSN for President Bush & 2008 Election

We need to properly apply 1 Timothy 2:1-8 like never before! President George W. Bush still remains the single greatest factor for the election of our next president. His success depends on God who is moved by our prayers.

PSN urges intercessors across our nation and around the world to pray for God’s success in the presidency of Mr. Bush and His mighty arms would move to revive the church and bring a great awakening to America. We must also intercede for Mrs. Clinton, Mr. McCain and Mr. Obama. They need God’s holy fire to transform their hearts and lead their political parties in ways that would bring honor to the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

Would you participate in PSN Joint Prayer Meeting Across America for the next SIX consecutive weeks for President Bush & 2008 Election? On Saturday, May 31, 8am Eastern (5am Pacific) we ask that you gather outside the capitol building (in DC or your state capital) or on the steps of your local city hall and connect with intercessors using PSN conference call number and access code.

Please contact for details.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Let Us Prayer Surge This Weekend

Since 1775, hundreds of thousands of Members of United States Military have literally given their lives to protect our God given liberty, and we are truly thankful for their great sacrifice. However, in 2008 America is on the verge losing her destiny of preserving liberty here and extending the Gospel abroad, for many in the church have forgotten the One on the Cross and His reign over the universe.

On this Memorial Day Weekend & beyond, would you join with fellow intercessors across America and around the world in prayer and repentance? Together, we must enter the Throne of Grace with humble hearts and confidence only in our Lord Jesus as our nation is in desperate need of God's mercy and grace like never before.

Would you join us tomorrow, Saturday, May 24th, 7:30-9:00am Eastern (4:30-6:00am Pacific) for a special extended Memorial Day Weekend Joint Prayer Meeting Across America?

You are invited to call Prayer Surge Now Conf. Call Number & Access Code:
Please ontact for the call number.

A Revised Schedule for 5/24

7:30am Eastern (4:30am Pacific)

Open Prayer for Our Military, President Bush
& the Nations of the Middle East

8:00am Eastern (5:00am Pacific)

PSN Interview with
Clayton Trotter, Justice Foundation/Operation Outcry
and the father of John Trotter,
US Army (killed in Iraq),
who is fighting for women and their babies
Prayer led by
Lt Col Glenn Wright, U.S. Air Force, Baghdad

8:20am Eastern (5:20am Pacific)

Operation Prayer Surge Prayer Points with
with Tom Smith, Nashiville, TN and LTC Al McCarn, US Army, Pentagon
Revival Teaching with Dick Simmons, Men for Nations, DC

8:40am Eastern (5:40am Pacific)

Urgent Prayer for
California & 2008 Presidential Election
Restoration of Life & Marriage in America

9:00am Eastern (6:00am Pacific)

Closing Prayer

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Israel's 60th & PSN for Our Military

Today: Israel’s 60th Anniversary
Pray: President Bush's Trip to Israel
Listen to: Dr. James Dobson &
Retired Lt Gen Patrick Caruana
urging prayer for the military during 5/1 NDP Event in DC

Prayer Surge Now Invites You to
The United States Military
The Nations of Middle East
President George W. Bush
2008 Presidential Election
The Culture of Life in America

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Saturday Mornings
8AM Eastern

7AM Central
6AM Mountain
5AM Pacific

May 17


With Chaplain Mark Benz

Psalm 33:12-22

Operation Prayer Surge Prayer Points
Tom Smith, Nashville
LTC Al McCarn, US Army, VA

Revival Teaching from Washington, DC
Dick Simmons, Men for Nations

Upcoming PSN Focuses

May 24:
A Father’s Heart for Life
With Clayton Trotter
Justice Foundation

May 31 ~ July 5:
PSN for President Bush

2008 Presidential Election


Use the Conference Call Number & Access Code

First 40 minutes
Please gather in your prayer groups and connect with us for the joint meeting using
the conference call number & access code above.

Next 80 minutes
Please intercede in your prayer groups.

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& invite God to speak to you!