Tuesday, October 30, 2007


In this issue:
1. Returning to the Kurds (Medes)
2. 11/3 Interview with an Albanian Pastor
3. Intercession for Jerusalem

Returning to the Kurds (Medes)

Abby Abilness was interviewed and prayed for during 10/6 & 10/27 Joint Prayer Meetings Across America. Abby and a team of intercessors from Pennsylvania will return to serve the Kurds this week. Please read her letter to Iraq Prayer Surge ~ NOW! below and intercede our missionaries, the Kurds & the Turks.

Our Healing Tree International medical and healing team is returning to Iraq this week again by Kurdish Government invitation to help establish a dual diagnosis medical clinic to enhance healing in the region. After our first visit to begin training them in holistic healthcare, we have come to appreciate the unifying and peacemaking spirit of the Kurds. The timing of our return seems to be divine strategy that we would arrive the same time as the Turkey Government is preparing to invade Northern Iraq to stop the terrorists in that region. God seems to have assigned us as his holy peace bringing team to that region. We remember Psalms 33:16-19 “No king is saved by the size of his army, but the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love.” We pray healing peace over the Kurdish people as they seek God’s protection and healing of their land. King Darius decreed the entire Medo-Persian Empire would worship the God of Daniel, once he discovered Daniel had not been eaten in the Lion’s Den. We pray that favor of the Lord on this mission that the Medes would know the God of Daniel is with them.

We bless you for your prayerful intercession,
Abby Abildness, Director Healing Tree International (Rev 22:2)

President Bush’s 11/5 Meeting with Turkish Prime Ministry to Advert War

U.S. Monthly Death Toll in Iraq Could be the Lowest in 2 Years

For more Iraq news, go to

11/3 Interview with an Albanian Pastor

We are honored to interview Pastor Bani during this Saturday Morning Joint Prayer Meeting Across America. As an Albanian, who has grown up in the former communist nation (first to ever declare itself as an atheistic state) and now 80% Muslim, he will share key insights regarding Islam and the role of American military. Join us and find out why President Bush is appreciated in Albania more than any other nation and the reason why Albanians say “Love your country as you love America.”

For details of the 11/3 meeting and conference call number, please contact prayersurgenow@gmail.com.

Intercession for Jerusalem

The Body of Christ ought to deeply care about these and other news coming out of Jerusalem:

Tears for a Divided Jerusalem

Arsonists Attack Jerusalem Church

Please mediate on Isaiah 62:6-7 and choose to be a “watchman on the walls.” Let us intercede for the Jews, Muslims & Christians living in Jerusalem.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Operation Prayer Surge Prayer Points

New and current Operation Prayer Surge Prayer Points available to those praying for our troops and the Middle East. It includes:

A. Major political and military events that are in the news regarding Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Syria, Israel, Russia and the United States.

B. Prayer points regarding these and other events that require God’s intervention for peace and security in this volatile region where God longs to bring His lasting revival.

C. A printable version of “Building a Case for Evil” which was included in last week’s Iraq Prayer Surge ~ NOW! Weekly Newsletter.

Please request your E-mail copy by contacting prayersurgenow@gmail.com.

As you continue to intercede for Iraq and neighboring nations, please remember the words of our Lord and Savior:

“If ye abide in Me,
and My words abide in you,
ye shall ask what ye will,
and it shall be done unto you”
John 15:7

Prayer Surge Now recommends With Christ in the School of Prayer by Andrew Murray. This classic book in prayer includes anointed teachings on John 15:7 and other key passages on intercession.

You are encouraged to call in during our Saturday Morning, 10.27.07 Joint Prayer Meeting Across America. This week we will turn our attention to missionaries who are invited to return to Northern Iraq to bless the Kurds. We will also focus on praying for our military as well as the nations and governments included in the Operation Prayer Surge Prayer Points. For details and conference call number, please contact prayersurgenow@gmail.com.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Intercession for President Bush & Israel

In this issue:
1. Intercession for President Bush
2. Building a Case Against Evil

Intercession for President Bush

Much of America’s attention is focus on the next man/woman who will be take office on January 20, 2009. We must intercede for the current nomination process and 2008 election. Nevertheless, let us not forget George W. Bush. 15 months remain in his presidency, and his destiny (and what God desires for America, Iraq, Israel and beyond through him) will be determined by our prevailing intercession. 1 Timothy 2:1-8 compels Christians to pray for him and all others in authority. President Bush will be a main focus during the 10.20.07 Joint Prayer Meeting Across America. For details, including the conference call number, please contact prayersurgenow@gmail.com.

Here are some current news links related to President Bush:

Bush Honors Dalai Lama

Bush Opposes Turkish Offensive in Iraq

Latest in Dividing Up Jerusalem for "Peace"

Building a Case Against Evil
By Al McCarn of Alexandria, VA
October 14, 2007

Our Father has heard our prayers against all that is evil, particularly the planned division of the Land of Israel. These evils grieve His Heart. It is right that we should pray against these things even though it seems our prayers have no noticeable effect in diminishing the evil.

Our Father says there is much hope. He would have us take the FBI as an example. The Federal Bureau of Investigation works slowly, carefully, and meticulously to secure an indictment and a conviction of the wicked ones they pursue. They must be very careful in building the case so that it is not overturned in court and the wicked one walks free. This process often requires the FBI to watch and wait as the evil progresses even to the point of execution and beyond so that the fullness of the wickedness may be judged.

Our Father says we must not be discouraged, for these evil things must all come to pass so that He may judge great wickedness in high places. The cleansing process comes only through trial, but even in this Jesus is our example in this hour. He submitted to the indignity of persecution unto death, even saying at the time of His arrest, “Permit even this” (Luke 22:51), and, “How then could the Scriptures be fulfilled, that it must happen thus?” (Matthew 26:54) He had to permit evil and wickedness to have free reign so that He could complete His work and bring all wickedness under judgment. In all that process was He tried and proven worthy and thus glorified in resurrection (John 13:31, Revelation 5:12).

Herein also is comfort for us, for the Lord reminds His Bride that we must follow the Bridegroom’s example in suffering. We must permit even the evil of the division of Israel so that the case may be brought to trial and conviction secured. Moreover, the Bride must be purified through trial so that we are made holy and worthy of our Lord. To be His true Bride and worthy subject, we must be made pure through the trials of this life. It is only through those trials that we are crucified with Christ so that He may live through us (Galatians 2:20). Then shall our glory be revealed.

That is why we must continue to pray and be not dismayed at the trials, evils, and wickedness. We should welcome and endure these trials in the hope not only of Adonai’s victory, but of our own perfection.

The Lord would have us know, however, that His people are not praying enough. There are not enough of His people praying, and not enough praying done by those who do pray. We must not only cry out to Him, but be silent before Him and soak in His Presence. If we heed Him not in this, the trials shall be even more severe than they need be, and many more shall perish than should be the case.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


This is an urgent prayer request for Muslims everywhere.

Tonight (10/9) is the “Night of Power” for the worshippers of Allah. Our prayers will move the heart of the Father to release His revelation of love & mercy. Please read the edited/condensed version of an E-mail sent by an intercessor in Maryland and INTERCEDE!


Islamic tradition has it that the “Night of Power” falls within this period. It is most widely considered it will be the night of the 27th day of Ramadan: Tuesday, October 9th (in 2007). Muslims believe that the angel Gabriel first spoke to Mohammed on that night and that every year on its anniversary the gates of heaven are opened wide, angels come to earth and Allah is especially merciful and attentive to prayers. Millions of Muslims around the world stay awake through the Night of Power, seeking his mercy.

So please pray through this week (Ramadan ends October 12th) and especially tonight - the Night of Power - that as Muslims seek God's mercy, the God of the Bible (a God they do not know) will indeed graciously and mercifully answer their prayers. “I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me; I was found by those who did not seek me. To a nation not called by my name, I said ‘Here am I, here am I.’” (Isaiah 65:1)


1. Answer the prayers of all those Muslims earnestly seeking divine mercy and forgiveness of sins; may the one true God reveal himself - through dreams, visions, the Word and Christian witness - as their one and only Savior.

2. Profoundly bless those ministries that are reaching and seeking to reach Muslims around the world; may resistance be overcome, obstacles removed and finances flood in, so that the gospel of truth, grace and mercy may indeed flood the earth, advancing the knowledge and glory of the Lord. (Habakkuk 2:14)

ISAIAH 19:23-25

In that day there will be a highway
from Egypt to *Assyria,
and the Assyrian will come into Egypt
and the Egyptian into Assyria,
and the Egyptians will serve with the Assyrians.
In that day Israel will be
one of three with Egypt and Assyria –
a blessing in the midst of the land whom
the LORD of hosts shall bless, saying,
“Blessed is Egypt My people,
and Assyria the work of My hands,
and Israel My inheritance.”

*Assyria includes modern day Iraq & Iran

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


In this issue:
1. Remembering Our Military
2. “The Best Month Since July 2006!”
3. Saturday, 10.06.07

Remembering Our Military

Numbers that motivate us to remain on our knees:
2.7 million serving in active military duty and the reserves.
164,000 deployed in Iraq.
30,000 wounded in Iraq & Afghanistan.
4250 killed in Iraq & Afghanistan.

The latest in our military in Iraq & more…
The names & faces of the fallen…

“The Best Month Since July 2006!”

Praise God for last month! Security/stability in Iraq has increased & death toll has decreased! Let us continue to intercede for our military & the people of Iraq.
For this and other amazing news from Baghdad and Washington DC, please go to http://www.cbn.com/CBNnews/241847.aspx

Saturday, 10.06.07

Saturday, October 6th will be an inspirational day in Washington DC and across America for at least TWO reasons:

Stand in the Gap 2007 - Men of all ages will gather at our nation’s capital for the purpose of coming “together, shoulder-to-shoulder with one another and face-to-face before God to give account of themselves and to commend the works of God to men of other generations.” Please pray for an awakening among the participants. For registration and detailed information, go to http://www.standinthegap2007.org/ & Stand In The Gap 2007 Radio advertisement- 60 seconds.

Joint Prayer Meeting Across America - You are welcome to join us this Saturday (5AM Pacific, 6AM Mountain, 7AM Central & 8AM Eastern) for a special nation-wide meeting. We have invited those who have served in the Middle East for their insights in praying for the Muslims during this month of Ramadan. For your conference call number and invitation, contact prayersurgenow@gmail.com.

For details on Ramadan, go to http://www.30-days.net/.