Tuesday, November 27, 2007


In this issue:
1. Intercessors’ Journey to Iraq
2. 12.02.07 Iraq’s National Day of Prayer
3. News from Annapolis, DC/Baghdad & Rawalpindi

Intercessors’ Journey to Iraq

Prayer Surge Now Intercessors will be interviewed on this week’s Joint Prayer Meeting Across America. Abby recently returned from her 2nd mission trip to Northern Iraq and Glenn will soon depart for Baghdad.

Please join us for 12.01.07 Saturday morning conference call prayer meeting with Glenn, Abby, Mark, Al, Tom Smith, and Dick Simmons. Contact prayersurgenow@gmail.com for the details & your conference call number.

For an inspirational written summary of Abby's journey back to the Kurds, please contact prayersurgenow@gmail.com.

12.02.07 Iraq’s National Day of Prayer
(This information has been provided by the Leadership of Intercessors for America & Pray California Board Member)

Pastors and leaders from all over Iraq recently came together and agreed to have a National Day of Prayer for their country. They are asking for churches around the world to join them in praying for Iraq on Sunday, 12.02.07. Pray Surge Now! invites believers everywhere to join the prayers of our Iraqi brothers and sisters on December 2nd for the increase of God’s Kingdom throughout Iraq! Please E-mail us for a list of prayer request from Iraq and more.

News from Annapolis, DC/Baghdad & Rawalpindi

This week’s events in Maryland, Iraq and Pakistan require our intercession:

For the latest in Annapolis Middle East Peace Conference, go to http://www.cbn.com/CBNnews/276111.aspx

For the news concerning long term US troop presence in Iraq, go to

For the latest in Pakistan politics and democracy, go to

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