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In this issue:
1. President Bush: “The Final Year in Office”
2. The Spirit of God in Iraq & Colorado
3. America Since Jan. 22, 1973

President Bush: “The Final Year in Office”
With Bill Lewis, Washington, DC

George W. Bush will complete his presidency on Jan. 20, 2009, and his legacy will be shaped by God’s Spirit as we intercede for him & our nation. This morning's PSN Conference Call Meeting featured an insightful interview with Bill Lewis, the author of “Sons of Issachar for the 21st Century.” For a summary of what he shared regarding President Bush's final 367 days in office, please contact

Bill Lewis is also the Founder & President of Sons of Issachar for the 21st Century. For the details of this key ministry, go to

Intercession for President Bush
A Daily Application of 1 Timothy 2:1-8

First of all… Pray that President Bush would have a deeper and more intimate relationship with our Lord, and he that would excel in Christ’s School of Prayer.

Pray for physical & spiritual protection and well-being for him & his family.

Ask for godly wisdom and insight as he continues to work with the leaders of Middle East & his role as Christ’s ambassador to the nations.

Pray for a White House policy that would promote lasting peace and security for the Middle East and Central Asia, including Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Ask for the Spirit’s leading as the President of the United States & the Commander In Chief of our military during his final and most important year in office.

President Bush in the News:

“Bush Declares Religious Freedom Day 2008”

“Bush Ends Peace Mission with Visit to Biblical Sites”

“Bush Visits Israel’s Holocaust Memorial”

“Mubarak Endorses Mideast Peace Hopes”

The Spirit of God in Iraq & Colorado

Troop Surge continues to have great success in Iraq. Please read the report titled “The Surge Worked,” co-written by Senators John McCain and Joseph Lieberman. Please go to:

Please increase your prayers for the Christians in Iraq as attacks on churches have increased. Read about the church bombings in which no one was killed:

Here’s an amazing story from New Life Church, Colorado Springs! The parents of the murderer and those killed meet and embrace. Please read “‘Jesus Moment’ in Colorado Springs":

America Since Jan. 22, 1973

Next Tuesday, Jan 22nd, marks 35 years since the United States Supreme Court’s ruling of Roe vs. Wade – The day that has permitted legal murders of the most innocent among us. Is there hope for the unborn & our nation? What can we do to end the evils of infanticide & help restore the culture of life in America? Please E-mail is and request a copy of “A NEW DAY” and be an answer to your own prayer!

“A NEW DAY” is a project of Operation Outcry
a ministry of Justice Foundation

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