Saturday, December 31, 2011

14 hour Nat'l Prayer Watch Begins Tonight 10am Eastern: 3 Conf Calls TOGETHER for ONE Great Awakening

Dear Intercessors Across Our Nation:

You are invites to the following 3 conference call prayer opportunities starting tonight (New Year's Eve), 10pm Eastern lasting until tomorrow (New Year's Day), 12noon Eastern. Here is the summary for the 14 hours of National Prayer Watch with the details below (also posted on

National Day of Prayer Task Force
New Year's Eve Prayer Call - 10pm-Midnight Eastern

712-432-0232 & code 955964#

Capitol Hill Prayer Partners / United States for Christ / Nat'l Gov. Prayer Team
"The Night Watch"
- Midnight-6am Eastern

712-432-0075 & code 397367#

Prayer Surge NOW! & Friends Interceding for The Seven Mountains
"The Morning Watch" - 6am-Noon Eastern

712-432-0075 & code 6149782#

May we gather TOGETHER as ONE in answer to Jesus' Prayer in John 17:20-23 as we INTERCEDE for the destiny of OUR nation.

2012 Together in Christ,

Dai Sup Han

Prayer Surge NOW!

This Saturday night, New Year's Eve from 10pm-Midnight EDT, join NDP TF in the final prayer call of 2011 with the Watchmen of the Night (WON.) 1 - 712-432-0232 code 955964#

This prayer invitation is for anyone and everyone who is desirous of being in a spiritual chamber of one-accord as we end the year of 2011. YES- There will be Praising-Repenting and Yielding ourselves to God and- there will also be a time of rededicating ourselves to our dreams and visions that God has poured into our lives. There will also be a prophetic release during the call regarding a Kingdom Call for 2012. We will pray prayers of agreement with all callers and especially lift up prayers for our churches, nation, cities, families, economy and every center of power in our world.

The night will end with a Special Communion Service (so please prepare your elements ahead of time) when we will witness the power of the broken body of Jesus Christ and his blood being made real in our lives as we celebrate the power of miracles and love being released afresh in this nation and across the world for 2012 and beyond.

Please pray with us, post on your networks and pass along to others who may be guided to sign on and join the call.

Finally, prayer leaders who can confirm participating on the call, please contact me at:

Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., D.D.
The College of Aspiring Artists, COO
National Day of Prayer AR Coordinator
Senior Pastor, Hunt Memorial Cathedral of Faith


Please consider one or more hours of

New Year’s Day 12 Hour National Prayer Watch

Together for Our Nation: Shifts in 2012

For the list of schedule/prayer focus/facilitators, please read below or visit

“The Night Watch” - Midnight to Dawn - National Prayer Call

Capitol Hill Prayer Partners, National Governors’ Prayer Team

& United States of Christ Together for America in 2012

New Year’s Day, January 1, 2012, 12am-6pm Eastern

Using CHPP conf. call line (same number as PSN, different code):

712-432-0075 & access code 397367#

Watch 1

Hosted by Sara Ballenger, VA, Capitol Hill Prayer Partners

Midnight-2am Eastern 1/1/12 & 9pm-11pm Pacific 12/31/2011

Watch 2

Hosted by Sheri Carbone, WA, United States of Christ

2am-4am Eastern & 11pm-1am Pacific

Watch 3

Hosted by Rev. Tom Walker, IN, National Governors Prayer Team

4am-6am Eastern & 1am-3am Pacific

For details & questions regarding:

“The Night Watch” hours, please contact

“The Morning Watch” - Dawn to Noon - National Prayer Call

For “The Seven Mountains” of Influence in 2012

With Key Prayer Networks Together for Our Nation

New Year’s Day, January 1, 2012, 6am-12pm Eastern

Using PSN conf. call line (same number as CHPP, different code):

712-432-0075 & access code 6149782#

6am-7am Eastern & 3am-4am Pacific

Intercession for Government, 2012 Election Cycle, Military

Stephanie Steele, CA, National Governors Prayer Team

LTC Al McCarn United States Army, VA

7am-8pm Eastern & 4am-5am Pacific

Intercession for Churches, Pastors, Ministries

Dai Sup Han, CA, Prayer Surge NOW! & Californians for JESUS

8am-9am Eastern & 5am-6am Pacific

Intercession for Businesses, Economy, Health Care

John Moore, TX, Intercessor with Intercessors for America & PSN

9am-10am Eastern & 6am-7am Pacific

Intercession for Media, Entertainment, Sports

Rick Lindsay, SC, Encourage Men to Pray & National Day of Prayer

10am-11am Eastern & 7am-8am Pacific

Intercession for Family, Marriages, Children/Youth

Lisa Crump, CO, National Day of Prayer Task Force

11am-12pm Eastern & 8am-9am Pacific

Intercession for Education, Schools, Colleges

Carl Mosebach, CA, Christian Educators Association International

For details & questions regarding:

“The Morning Watch” hours, contact

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