Sunday, March 14, 2021

Invitation to America's Prayer Meeting, March 15-16

 Let is Intercede for a Spiritual Awakening Across Our Nation!
Join America's Prayer Meeting, March 15-16
Telephone Prayer Call, Mon 3/15, 3 pm-Midnight & Tue 3/16, 9 am-9 pm ET
Call 518-318-7117  1st Hour, Mon 3/15, 3-4 pm ET, hosted by PSN/TUSA
Virtual Live Stream, Mon 3/15, 9 pm-Midnight & Tue 3/16, 9 am-9 pm ET
Connect Online, 

Please read the following invitation to the America's Prayer Meeting:
The nation is praying for a Great Awakening
Our only hope is passionate prayer for a Great Awakening that results in profound spiritual and moral transformation. We need to pray.
Every Great Awakening began with prayer. If ever we need, as a nation, a Great Awakening, it is now! On Monday, March 15 through Tuesday, March 16, the National Prayer Committee, along with many other pray and revival ministries, is promoting a call to prayer – America’s Prayer Meeting. The virtual event will be Live-Streamed and available to individuals, ministries and churches across the nation.
Dave Butts
Chairman of America's Prayer Committee
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Pray America!
The Humbling of a Nation
If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 
- 2 Chronicles 7:14
March 15 - 16
America's Nationwide Virtual Prayer Meeting
   We need a spiritual awakening akin to the one sparked by George Whitefield in the colonial era. One like the awakening that rolled across  Kentucky in the camp meeting era of the early 1800s in which tens of thousands examined their lives at the table of the Lord and experienced dramatic life change. We need city revivals like the New York Layman’s prayer revival of 1857-1858 in which that city and others across the nation virtually shut-down at noon, daily, for prayer.

The first Great Awakening set the stage for the birth of the nation. Now we need one to save it.

   The prayer efforts at the national and regional levels have been too numerous to mention! There are so many noble and wonderful national and local prayer organizations, pastors, and people, who are leading prayer calls, rising early to meet the Lord, and wrestling in prayer about the nation’s destiny and the need for revival in the land and in the church itself. For these, we are grateful. Such prayer efforts should be encouraged. We all desire revival flames that are fanned until there is an ever-increasing number of prayer meetings and the passion for spiritual awakening erupts everywhere.

   Still, most would agree, we have not yet reached a level of lament that is indicative of our plight and might lead to a nation-shaking breakthrough. We have not yet seen “holy desperation,” the term used by the late Dr. Joe Aldrich, former President of Multnomah Seminary and leader of the Pastor’s Prayer Summit movement.

Who and what is AmericaPray?
   AmericaPray is anyone and everyone praying, humbly, selflessly, namelessly, for a Christ-glorifying, Biblical, spiritual awakening and revival. United, humble, passionate grassroots prayer is needed now more than ever. We must pray. And we must refocus our hope on the Lord - and a great awakening.
What can you do?
The first Great Awakening set the stage for the birth of the nation. Now we need one to save it. We must have a Great Awakening – and if that comes by united, humble, passionate prayer – then we have to find a way to pray together for the nation.
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America Pray Vision
To see the nation experience a Great Spiritual Awakening out of the conviction that only such a God-sent revival can save us.

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