Saturday, September 22, 2007

Iranian President Ahmadinejad & Fulton Street Revival

1 Timothy 2:1-8 encourages us to pray for men everywhere, including those in authority, and to pray with pure hearts, without condemning others and with faith . Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be in New York City tomorrow and Monday to address the United Nations and Columbia University. This man and his nation & the Middle East need our prayers TODAY.

Read about his actions in Iran & visit to NYC:,2933,297683,00.html,2933,297575,00.html

Could it be that the Lord is bring him to New York? He will be speaking at the UN during the 150th Anniversary Celebration of Fulton Street Revival in Lower Manhattan. This revival (also called the Laymen's Prayer Revival) began on September 23, 1857 with 6 men praying at in Wall Street area just a few blocks from 9/11 Ground Zero. Within a few months 50,000 New Yorkers began to repent and intercede for the nation. Within 18 months, 1 million new believers were added to God's Kingdom all over the nation. Many revival experts have called this move of God as the greatest revival in American history.

Read about Fulton Street Revival & watch the video:

Columbia University is a key institution in America. This is where John Dewey taught the students of Teachers College approximately 100 years ago, and his work opened the flood gates to secular humanism to enter our nation's public school system. The affects of his teachings has brought devastating consequences to America. Secular humanism (the belief that man is "god") is the dominant philosophy throughout our schools (K-12 & colleges) as well as our government, media, business world, and religions, including that many use the Bible.

Read about John Dewey & secular humanism:
(Read the words of secular humanists)

I believe the Lord is getting our attention out attention today: Look at what came out of NYC? The Great Revival 150 years ago and great evil 100 years ago. Besides praying for President Ahmadinejad (who was not allowed to pay tribute at NYC Gound Zero), let's us ask God to awaken the hearts of men, women and children all across America and to defeat secular humanism in America .

"Lord, we ask that you would bring 10 million souls to Your Kingdom in America by the end of 2008! Lord, we ask for a mighty move of God to increase in Israel, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and ALL of Middle East! Even as you opened the eyes of Saul to become Paul, would you give open the eyes of those who are against You & Your Church so that they may enter into loving relationship with Jesus?"

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