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1. Ramadan: Our Opportunity to Intercede
2. A Prophetic Perspective on Iraq
3. 09.22.07 Joint Prayer Meeting Across America

Ramadan: Our Opportuntiy to Intercede

God loves the 1.2 billion Muslims throughout the world. His Only Begotten Son shed His precious blood everyone, including those who practice the religion of Islam. He calls us to lovingly pray for the Muslims that they may find THE WAY, THE TRUTH & THE LIFE in Jesus. During this month of Ramadan, September 13th - October 12th, let us intercede for the Muslims here and abroad.

Ramadan is an Islamic religious observance during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, when the Quran was "revealed." The Muslims need the loving truth of God and His Word to set them free. Operation Iraqi Freedom hinges upon God's revelation of His eternal power and grace for the Iraqi people. The security of the Middle East, including Israel, require Iran and Syria to come under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Revival in America is connected to the transformation (that has already begun!) in the Muslim world. May the Spirit of the Living God fall upon Muslims everywhere!

For an excellent source of prayer guide for Muslims, please go to http://www.30-days.net/.

A Prophetic Perspective on Iraq
Spoken by J.V., New York, NY
Sunday, August 5, 2007 (condensed)

Do you think that the world’s armies report only to their chain of command? No! They are sometimes hijacked by principalities and powers out to wreak havoc on earth and sweep people up into the mouth of hell.

And I am the Lord of Hosts—the Lord of armies—the armies of heaven and also those of earth, whom I conscript from time to time to work my own will. I whistled for the armies of Assyria and Babylon to come down on the mountains of Israel to execute justice—to sweep away what had polluted even my own house, says the Lord.

Do I not have the right, as Lord of Hosts, to call for armies, and to send them out as it pleases me? I take what belongs to me, while I induce men to think that it is for other reasons. I do as I will in the court of heaven and on the battlefields of the earth. I am the Lord of Hosts.

Pray to me, says the Lord of Hosts that the army of this nation prevails. I have whistled for it and sent it out—not for your national interests and calculated good, but for the good of people you did not care about—people who have exacted your money, people who trouble you.

I have taken your sons, your materiel and your wealth, and I have spent it on the souls of those for whom you did not care—for I care for them. Note how I have not exacted from you the measure of pain and cost that is meet, for I have poured into your bag more than I have taken out. I have not required ten thousands of your sons, but I have made your wound light. Have you not prospered while I have borrowed your army and taken your means? I have given you more in return than you have spent!

Pray—let your heart be stirred for these Arab and Muslim souls. They are mine, says the Lord. I will not suffer that they be dragged into hell in their great numbers. I will pluck burning brands out of this fiery sand—sons and daughters worthy of my Name, for I will make them worthy. I will gather, as a hen does her chicks, those whose names are Mohammed and Amir, and they will rejoice under my wings. They will stand with my people Israel and with you, and revel in the richness of the oil of my gladness, says the Lord—which exceeds the wealth of all the oil under their sands—oil that has enriched them, and impoverished them, in this world.

Be converted to be friends of these whom I save, where I have sent your armies. I have educated many among your armies, and their hearts will be turned. There are heroes and champions among your soldiers, who have much to teach you. I will make them a blessing in your midst. And some of them will return there—not with a uniform and a gun, but with a Bible, with hands ready for hard work, and with hearts that are united with the people they have defended with their lives and their guns.

Glory to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel—and of Ishmael. Glory to Him in the faces of their children and their grandchildren and their great-grandchildren. Lets those nations—and the sands of the desert—rise up an offering to Him and glorify Him!

09.22.07 Joint Prayer Meeting Across America

We must continue to pray for our troops, the Iraqi people, the media, President Bush, our Congress, and for the success of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Would you take part in the Joint Prayer Meeting Across America this Saturday morning (8-10am Eastern, 7-9am Central, 6-8am Mountain, 5-7am Pacific)? Please E-mail prayersurgenow@gmail.com for conference call number & access code and other details.

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