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Band of Brothers: 10 Years of Amazing Grace, Part 3

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Next 10 Years: Let Us Surge TOGETHER in CHRIST for Revival Fire!

10 Years of Amazing Grace, Part 3: Band of Brothers
Countdown to 8.18.17 - 10 Year Anniversary of
Prayer Surge NOW! National Conference Call

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

As we continue to countdown to the 10 Year Anniversary of Prayer Surge NOW! National Prayer Conference Calling, I am mindful and grateful for the numerous friendships and partnerships I have with you all.  PSN has always been about our response to Jesus' prayer in John 17:20-23.  In fact, much of our Saturday morning experience is about us being together as ONE in CHRIST as well as responding to the Word of the Lord through anointed guest speakers He brings our way, for it is Christ's desire for us to experience Heaven on earth in both relationships and united intercession.  Our Lord has made the way through the Cross and mandated "A Band of Brothers" way of life through our love for one another and inviting us into His War Room TOGETHER!

Today, I would like to honor several brothers in my life and share how each have been used of the Lord to sow into my life as well as the ministry of PSN.  Next week, I will do the same regarding several of my sisters in Christ - Mothers in the prayer movement.  I realize that such an attempt will leave out many as including every individual will require much more time than I've been given.  Nevertheless, I sense the leading of the Holy Spirit towards this humble attempt and your understanding.  It is my hope that you would be encouraged to draw closer to Christ and choose to be inspired towards Next 10 Years: Let Us Surge TOGETHER in CHRIST for Revival Fire!

Brothers who have impacted my life and PSN since May 2017 in somewhat of a chronological order:
  • Dick Simmons, Mark Benz, Tom Smith, Pierre Bynum, Jason Hershey, Joe Walsh, Gary Bergel - These brothers have demonstrated incredible passion for Christ and devotion/persistence towards the next Great Awakening.  They were right there in DC (Tom, Joe, Gary by phone) during the process of launching PSN and provided support, wisdom, listening hearts over the years.
  • Allan Parker, Clayton Trotter - I met them together for the first time in DC and deeply appreciate their hearts for babies and moms.  Allan and I reconnected at YWAM Tyler in 2008, and he has been blessing my family and me ever since.  Allan, Clayton, William Wilberforce share the same Braveheart for LIFE, justice and liberty of ALL!  
  • Al McCarn, Glenn Wright, Peter Kendrick - All three served as military officers in the Pentagon.  Both Al and Glenn served in Iraq.  All three have been critical to our Saturday mornings.  I met Al and Glenn in July 2007 through Dick's encouragement to join Jason and his YWAM DC team to pray in Pentagon Chapel.  Upon Al's retirement from US Army, he become available to co-host our opening hour of prayer for Israel, Middle East, US Military.  Praise God for their example as godly men and intercessors!
  • Rick Lindsay, Rex Duval, Tom Demaree, Kendall Hewitt, Benny Proffitt - I had the privilege of praying with these mighty men of God  during my summer of serving Dick Simmons.  They are men in daily pursuit of godly lives no matter the circumstance, trial, tribulation.  Each have joined PSN and inspired intercessors across America.
  • Larry Allen, Leland Paris, Carl Michelson, Joel Enge - Servant leaders I met in Tyler and served with them during our 12 months in East Texas where I completed YWAM School of the Bible, August 2008.  Their biblical world-view and love for the young generation destined to become world-changers continue to inspire the direction of PSN.
  • Tatsuo Akamine, Evan Chase, Nori Hanaoka, Bill Landers, Larry Hino - These men, several others in South Bay Los Angeles, and I were challenged by Dick Simmons to daily Pre-Dawn Offensive Prayer in 2005.  Our lives were turned "right-side up" by the Holy Spirit as we entered the war room for America and faced heavy counter-attack, which was a precursor to PSN ministry.  I am blessed that each are available for prayer during my return trips to SoCal.
  • Gaylord Enns, Larry Lane, Lou Diaz, Michael T, Raymond Rummell, Ed Farris, Richard Kessener, Rory Rottschalk, Roger Swanson, John Pease, Dan Martin, Derek Hastings, Brian Hall, Eric Christensen - Men of Chico Area who blessed me with prayer opportunities with them during our 6 years in Northern California.  Many of our Saturday morning prayer calls were impacted by regular, weekly, occasional intercession together with these brothers.  Michael and Brian went home to Jesus in 2014. 
  • Dale Harrison, Carlos Penning, Craig Anderson, Shawn Bansen, Jake Findley - These selfless YWAM Chico servant leaders granted me the blessing to continue to facilitate PSN while serving as convener of prayer both at YWAM Chico, Springs of Living Water and in the city.  I love their passion for Northern California and the nations!
  • Matt Smoler, Bob Wolff, Grant Berry - We are honored to pray with our Messianic Jewish Brothers during PSN Monthly ONE NEW Man Hour.  They remind us of our Hebraic roots and encourage unity within the entire Body of Yeshua.  We are also blessed to partner in their ministries by interceding for them and their amazing assignments.  May we always seek The Peace of Jerusalem and Salvation of Israel.
  • Pat Caruana, Phil Miglioratti, Tony Wright, Doug Van Devender, John Moore, Blaine Scogin, Darrell Fields, Carl Mosebach, Fred Berry, Dave Butts, Tomas Lares, Rickie Bradshaw, Don Finto, Steve Hardgrove, Negiel Bigpond, Hormoz Shariat, Arthur Hunt, Dave Kubal, Jonathan Friz, Jason Hubbard, Netz Gomez, David Etris, Sid Roth, Michael Obi, John Robb, Peter Carlson, Bob Perry, Boris Grisenko, Doug Stringer, Rick Torrison, Phil Eberhart, Stew Lieberman, Lewis Hogan, Wes Tullis, Ivan Doxtator, Ioan Peia, Denny Tebo - These brothers have dedicated their lives to united/prevailing intercession and the ministry of reconciliation for transformation of cities, regions, nations.  They have been used of the Lord to greatly influenced PSN as well as my personal journey with Christ.  Tony went home to Jesus last year. 
  • TC Kim, Luis Bush, Tom Victor, Stephen McDowell - I love their hearts for Transform World USA, 4/14 Window Movement, and biblical world view.  Each have discovered the greatest ministry on this side of Heaven - Intercession!  Blessed to be in relationship with these brothers and partner together in the Great Commission.  Blessed to connect with TC almost everyday in Colorado Springs and pray together weekly. 
  • Joseph Winger, Rex Tonkins, Ted Beckett, Paul Sung, Brad Steininger, Gary Chenoweth, Bill Ellis, Mark Spengler, Phil White, Joel Patchen, Bentley Rayburn, Hank Bond, Jeff Anderson, Tom Darr, Caleb Lambert, Jack Hart, Jon Tuveson, Dan Robbins, Gabriel Valle, Dwight Johnson, Craig Johnson, Craig Rosentrator, Joel Wilson - Praying with these mighty men of God have been tremendous to our transition from Chico to Colorado Springs.  I see in each the abundant life of Jesus which overflows into their families, congregations/ministries, our intercession together, and this city, and I long to share the news of the Revival Fire engulfing in the Springs.
Thank you for taking your precious time to read 10 Years of Amazing Grace, Part 3: A Band of Brothers and hope to "see" you on Prayer Surge NOW! 8/5 this Saturday morning!  

Together in Christ,
Dai Sup

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