Saturday, August 18, 2007

Countdown to General Petraeus' Report to the Congress

General Petraeus is scheduled to report to the Congress prior to September 15th. His accessment of the "troop surge" and the response of our congress will shape the destiny of America and the Middle East. Please be involved in "Operation Iraqi Freedom" by asking the Lord to intervene and bring His victory, security and peace throughout Iraq.

OPERATION PRAYER SURGE PRAYER POINTS AUGUST 07 is available upon request. Please contact for your copy.

Here's are some of the lastest news from Iraq & Afghanistan:

War's Deadliest Attack

Petraeus to Suggest Cuts

New Alliance of Shiite and Kurds,2933,293442,00.html

South Koreans Asks for the 19 Remaining Hostages

U.S.-Led Forces Pound Tora Bora

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