Tuesday, October 30, 2007


In this issue:
1. Returning to the Kurds (Medes)
2. 11/3 Interview with an Albanian Pastor
3. Intercession for Jerusalem

Returning to the Kurds (Medes)

Abby Abilness was interviewed and prayed for during 10/6 & 10/27 Joint Prayer Meetings Across America. Abby and a team of intercessors from Pennsylvania will return to serve the Kurds this week. Please read her letter to Iraq Prayer Surge ~ NOW! below and intercede our missionaries, the Kurds & the Turks.

Our Healing Tree International medical and healing team is returning to Iraq this week again by Kurdish Government invitation to help establish a dual diagnosis medical clinic to enhance healing in the region. After our first visit to begin training them in holistic healthcare, we have come to appreciate the unifying and peacemaking spirit of the Kurds. The timing of our return seems to be divine strategy that we would arrive the same time as the Turkey Government is preparing to invade Northern Iraq to stop the terrorists in that region. God seems to have assigned us as his holy peace bringing team to that region. We remember Psalms 33:16-19 “No king is saved by the size of his army, but the eyes of the Lord are on those who fear him, on those whose hope is in his unfailing love.” We pray healing peace over the Kurdish people as they seek God’s protection and healing of their land. King Darius decreed the entire Medo-Persian Empire would worship the God of Daniel, once he discovered Daniel had not been eaten in the Lion’s Den. We pray that favor of the Lord on this mission that the Medes would know the God of Daniel is with them.

We bless you for your prayerful intercession,
Abby Abildness, Director Healing Tree International (Rev 22:2)

President Bush’s 11/5 Meeting with Turkish Prime Ministry to Advert War

U.S. Monthly Death Toll in Iraq Could be the Lowest in 2 Years

For more Iraq news, go to

11/3 Interview with an Albanian Pastor

We are honored to interview Pastor Bani during this Saturday Morning Joint Prayer Meeting Across America. As an Albanian, who has grown up in the former communist nation (first to ever declare itself as an atheistic state) and now 80% Muslim, he will share key insights regarding Islam and the role of American military. Join us and find out why President Bush is appreciated in Albania more than any other nation and the reason why Albanians say “Love your country as you love America.”

For details of the 11/3 meeting and conference call number, please contact prayersurgenow@gmail.com.

Intercession for Jerusalem

The Body of Christ ought to deeply care about these and other news coming out of Jerusalem:

Tears for a Divided Jerusalem

Arsonists Attack Jerusalem Church

Please mediate on Isaiah 62:6-7 and choose to be a “watchman on the walls.” Let us intercede for the Jews, Muslims & Christians living in Jerusalem.

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