Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Intercession for President Bush & Israel

In this issue:
1. Intercession for President Bush
2. Building a Case Against Evil

Intercession for President Bush

Much of America’s attention is focus on the next man/woman who will be take office on January 20, 2009. We must intercede for the current nomination process and 2008 election. Nevertheless, let us not forget George W. Bush. 15 months remain in his presidency, and his destiny (and what God desires for America, Iraq, Israel and beyond through him) will be determined by our prevailing intercession. 1 Timothy 2:1-8 compels Christians to pray for him and all others in authority. President Bush will be a main focus during the 10.20.07 Joint Prayer Meeting Across America. For details, including the conference call number, please contact

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Latest in Dividing Up Jerusalem for "Peace",4670,MideastPeaceProspects,00.html

Building a Case Against Evil
By Al McCarn of Alexandria, VA
October 14, 2007

Our Father has heard our prayers against all that is evil, particularly the planned division of the Land of Israel. These evils grieve His Heart. It is right that we should pray against these things even though it seems our prayers have no noticeable effect in diminishing the evil.

Our Father says there is much hope. He would have us take the FBI as an example. The Federal Bureau of Investigation works slowly, carefully, and meticulously to secure an indictment and a conviction of the wicked ones they pursue. They must be very careful in building the case so that it is not overturned in court and the wicked one walks free. This process often requires the FBI to watch and wait as the evil progresses even to the point of execution and beyond so that the fullness of the wickedness may be judged.

Our Father says we must not be discouraged, for these evil things must all come to pass so that He may judge great wickedness in high places. The cleansing process comes only through trial, but even in this Jesus is our example in this hour. He submitted to the indignity of persecution unto death, even saying at the time of His arrest, “Permit even this” (Luke 22:51), and, “How then could the Scriptures be fulfilled, that it must happen thus?” (Matthew 26:54) He had to permit evil and wickedness to have free reign so that He could complete His work and bring all wickedness under judgment. In all that process was He tried and proven worthy and thus glorified in resurrection (John 13:31, Revelation 5:12).

Herein also is comfort for us, for the Lord reminds His Bride that we must follow the Bridegroom’s example in suffering. We must permit even the evil of the division of Israel so that the case may be brought to trial and conviction secured. Moreover, the Bride must be purified through trial so that we are made holy and worthy of our Lord. To be His true Bride and worthy subject, we must be made pure through the trials of this life. It is only through those trials that we are crucified with Christ so that He may live through us (Galatians 2:20). Then shall our glory be revealed.

That is why we must continue to pray and be not dismayed at the trials, evils, and wickedness. We should welcome and endure these trials in the hope not only of Adonai’s victory, but of our own perfection.

The Lord would have us know, however, that His people are not praying enough. There are not enough of His people praying, and not enough praying done by those who do pray. We must not only cry out to Him, but be silent before Him and soak in His Presence. If we heed Him not in this, the trials shall be even more severe than they need be, and many more shall perish than should be the case.

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