Tuesday, October 9, 2007


This is an urgent prayer request for Muslims everywhere.

Tonight (10/9) is the “Night of Power” for the worshippers of Allah. Our prayers will move the heart of the Father to release His revelation of love & mercy. Please read the edited/condensed version of an E-mail sent by an intercessor in Maryland and INTERCEDE!


Islamic tradition has it that the “Night of Power” falls within this period. It is most widely considered it will be the night of the 27th day of Ramadan: Tuesday, October 9th (in 2007). Muslims believe that the angel Gabriel first spoke to Mohammed on that night and that every year on its anniversary the gates of heaven are opened wide, angels come to earth and Allah is especially merciful and attentive to prayers. Millions of Muslims around the world stay awake through the Night of Power, seeking his mercy.

So please pray through this week (Ramadan ends October 12th) and especially tonight - the Night of Power - that as Muslims seek God's mercy, the God of the Bible (a God they do not know) will indeed graciously and mercifully answer their prayers. “I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me; I was found by those who did not seek me. To a nation not called by my name, I said ‘Here am I, here am I.’” (Isaiah 65:1)


1. Answer the prayers of all those Muslims earnestly seeking divine mercy and forgiveness of sins; may the one true God reveal himself - through dreams, visions, the Word and Christian witness - as their one and only Savior.

2. Profoundly bless those ministries that are reaching and seeking to reach Muslims around the world; may resistance be overcome, obstacles removed and finances flood in, so that the gospel of truth, grace and mercy may indeed flood the earth, advancing the knowledge and glory of the Lord. (Habakkuk 2:14)

ISAIAH 19:23-25

In that day there will be a highway
from Egypt to *Assyria,
and the Assyrian will come into Egypt
and the Egyptian into Assyria,
and the Egyptians will serve with the Assyrians.
In that day Israel will be
one of three with Egypt and Assyria –
a blessing in the midst of the land whom
the LORD of hosts shall bless, saying,
“Blessed is Egypt My people,
and Assyria the work of My hands,
and Israel My inheritance.”

*Assyria includes modern day Iraq & Iran

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